With more than 1 billion native speakers, it's no wonder Chinese is the most spoken language around the globe. When you initially start your research on the best way to learn Chinese, you're likely to stumble upon lessons that help you learn Mandarin - the most spoken Chinese dialect. But besides Mandarin, there are 200 more dialects and it can get confusing where to start. 

Luckily, tons of extremely helpful apps will answer all your questions about how to learn Chinese easily. Best of all, they are free and we bring the top three to kickstart your Chinese learning journey. 


Duolingo is one of the best-known language learning apps out there. With downloads counting in the hundreds of millions, it's no wonder you can find Chinese in the enormous library of languages they provide. The likely reason behind its enormous success is Duolingo's approach to learning. Instead of taking the conventional dull approach, the entire learning process is an extremely entertaining game. Each new lesson mastered actually feels like you've just passed a new level. Also, it feels extremely rewarding and motivating as you can easily track progress and even receive sweet achievements. When it comes to gamifying something tedious as learning, Duolingo nails it all the way.

If you’re itching to learn Chinese, you won't find the more advanced lessons on lesser-known dialects. But since Chinese can be extremely overwhelming to non-native speakers, Duolingo offers a fantastic foundation on which to build everything else. 


Although not as well known as Duolingo, the great thing about ChineseSkill is it focuses solely on Chinese. It absolutely covers everything from A to Z for anyone who wants to learn Mandarin and its basics. Besides teaching you grammar and vocabulary, it also teaches you Chinese writing through super fun guessing games. You can even practice writing with interactive touch-screen controls. And last but not least, if English isn't your native language, no worries! ChineseSkill teaches Chinese from eight different languages, making it super accessible for everyone.

If you're already a couple of steps ahead with your Chinese, ChineseSkill might feel a bit underwhelming at first. But as you move towards advanced lessons, you're likely to notice there's still tons of basic stuff you can learn. Considering the numbers, this is especially true when it comes to learning symbols as even native-speakers don't know all of them.


If you're preparing for a big Asia-trip, it might be a good idea to learn a word or two. LingoDeer not only provides basic lessons on all major Asian languages, but you don't even need the Internet to learn. You can easily learn new words and phrases on the go, making it super convenient. Thanks to user-friendly flashcards, you'll quickly start to memorize basic phrases before you even enter a shop or a restaurant. And if you're here exclusively for Chinese, LingoDeer offers lessons in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Pinyin. That's three for one with zero cents spent.

There's nothing bad to say about LingoDeer - it does what it advertises. Same as Duolingo and ChineseSkill, it won't teach you the more advanced stuff, but it's a great way to learn Chinese phrases when you need them the most. 

If you feel like you mastered the basics and you're looking for more, you can check out our curated list of the Best 10 Apps For Learning Chinese. The list offers just the right amount of the best Chinese learning apps currently out there. Good luck!

Making sense of Chinese has never been easier. Learn Chinese with these great interactive apps for anyone who wants to speak Chinese.


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