Anyone and everyone who studies chemistry on some level must learn portions of the periodic table of elements at some point. You can now make navigating this iconic chart easier than ever with an interactive app on your cell phone or other favorite device. Get everything from basic element information, to molar mass calculators, to pictures and much more with the simple click of a button. Skip the endless textbooks, guides, and cheat sheets, and get straight to the point. Check out these top apps for learning Chemistry and the Periodic Table of Elements.

Periodic Table 2018 (android) & Quick Periodic Table of the Elements (ios)

Get access to all of the most critical information you need about each element, how it is classified, and much more. These fun and easy to use periodic table apps provides pictures, electron shell diagrams, solubility charts, and includes the English and Latin translations for each element. Periodic Table 2018 was designed for android and Quick Periodic Table of the Elements was designed for ios systems to be go-to guides for anyone who studies chemistry or a field that uses chemistry regularly. The information is consistently updated, and you can access further online information about each element with the quick click of a link from within the apps.

The creators of Periodic Table 2018 have done an excellent job at providing a huge amount of relevant information needed for those who are studying chemistry or learning about it on their own. However, certain aspects like photographs of some gasses, are extremely hard to obtain legally due to their safety restrictions. If you are doing in-depth research on a particular molecule or atom, you may have to seek help from additional sources. 

Periodic Table

This interactive and customizable periodic table allows you to have control over what you see in the app and what you use it for primarily. Choose the aspects that you want to see first and foremost, and then take it a step further with other individual videos and podcasts that relate the elements to real-world applications. Periodic Table by Royal Society of Chemistry goes above and beyond, not only giving you what you need to succeed in any chemistry class, but by also connecting the dots between the class and the real world. There is no other app out there quite like it.

This periodic table is so jam-packed with various forms of information and extensions that it does tend to run a little slow at times. Generally speaking, once the app has fully loaded up the first time, it tends to run smoothly from there. If you are a student mastering chemistry this semester, you don’t want to miss out on this incredibly dynamic periodic table. 

Periodic Table 2018. Chemistry in your pocket. (android) & The Elements by Theodore Gray (ios)

If you are looking for a simple, updated, and easy to use periodic table of elements, then Chemistry in Your Pocket Periodic Table for android or The Elements by Theodore Gray for ios systems is likely an ideal app for you. Both apps have an ideal user interface makes them great for those who need basic information without the fuss of navigating through excess material you may not know what to do with. However, the apps themselves are well managed. New information is constantly being updated, and former glitches and bugs within the apps have both recently been corrected.

With such simple and easy apps, you may not get the extensive amount of information you are looking. These are great apps for those who are taking basic chemistry classes or another subject that requires similar information. If you are getting into higher level chemistry and other subcategories of chemistry, you may need additional support or you might want to pay for the Pro version of these apps. 

No matter what level of chemistry you find yourself studying, you can always step up your game with one of the top periodic table apps on the market. Get your information faster, do it in style, and go beyond what information your textbooks have to offer. Start expanding your knowledge and solidifying your chemistry background today. After all, the periodic table is a compilation of the building blocks of our lives. For even more information, check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Chemistry.

Breeze through organic chemistry this year with a variety of ways to study the dynamic periodic table of the elements and their atomic mass.


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