Chemistry can be found in every single aspect of life at every level. That is what makes it so fascinating, and complex. If you've ever been up all night trying to get your chemistry work done, only to miss a step and then have points deducted, you know the struggle. Thankfully the tools below can help you reach answers, memorize the dynamic periodic table, and develop a deeper understanding of chemistry. 

If you're already feeling discouraged about your chemistry load just remember: The optimist sees the glass half full. The pessimist sees the glass half empty. But it is the chemist who sees the glass completely full, half with liquid and half with air.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is on a quest to give education to people around the world for free. They offer not only chemistry but just about any other class you could want. They have a plethora of videos and articles on chemistry. Navigation is easy, especially if you use the bookmark feature. Their practice questions give instant feedback, and they offer comprehensive quizzes and tests. In one afternoon you could easily learn the entire periodic table.

Khan Academy’s roots are found online. The mobile version is still new, and it's not quite as advanced as what you’d get using a desktop or laptop. But honestly, that says something for the vast amount of content it offers, because the mobile version is still highly useful. And thankfully you have the ability to save your progress if you would like to switch from one platform to another. 


Have you ever been stuck on a single chemistry homework question for hours only to realize you have 30 more questions to go? The folks at Socrates Math Answers & Homework Help must have experienced that too. That is why you can now get homework help, the one right in front of you, on your phone. How? Send a picture using Socrates, and their Artificial Intelligence will find the correct answer, and then figure out which concepts you need the most help with in order to learn the answer next time. Navigation is completely intuitive and easy to use, so try it!

Can't find the answer to the exact problem you're working on? Socratic may not always be able to find your exact question in its database. However, because the developers have pulled questions and solutions from so many educators and sources, Socratic is great at finding similar problems and working them through with you. Then, you can simply take what you just learned and apply it to your problem. With this approach, you’ll truly be on your way to mastering chemistry!


This Chemistry companion should be in the hands of every chemistry student, or proud self-proclaimed nerd. The periodic table of elements and the solubility table will always be at your fingertips. Look up chemical reactions, calculate molar masses, and get help solving chemical equations with one or several unknown variables. Chemistry helps with both organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. 

If you subscribe to a younger generation the graphic design of Chemistry may not be what you are used to having on your mobile device. It takes itself pretty seriously. And it looks like something out of a textbook with its simple functional design. But it is intended as a tool to help with your studies, not entertainment. 

Chemistry can be so much fun once you get your head in the game. It takes focus and understanding to reach the desired outcome in a chemistry lab. Even if you never plan to wear a white coat to work, you may plan to do some baking in your lifetime. Baking bread, or baking a cake, is pure chemistry! Pay attention to what you’re learning, and remember there are these tools, and many more, available to help you on your way through chemistry. And if you're looking for even more, check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Chemistry.

Breeze through organic chemistry this year with a variety of ways to study the dynamic periodic table of the elements and their atomic mass.


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