Learning Spanish is easier than ever. Many new apps on the internet can enrich your Spanish vocabulary without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Whether you’re a beginner or someone with previous knowledge, you can grow your capacity to understand and speak Spanish in just a few short weeks, at your own pace, and in your spare time. 


SpeakTribe is an easy-to-use app that focuses on real-life application and repetition. With the help of Speaktribe, you will learn how to properly use Spanish verbs in context. You will play games and be challenged based on your own progression and pace. Aimed at beginners, SpeakTribe starts with basic phrases. You can then speak these phrases directly back to the app, and get real-life feedback on how to improve.  

Many users agree that this is the perfect application to get you started or to supplement your current Spanish learning program. However, this app may not be the only learning tool you need if you are committed to fully learning a new language. That being said, the creators continue to add to the app and broaden its ability to teach you more Spanish vocabulary and context.    


Learn Spanish online by Wlingua is an excellent app geared towards helping adults learn Spanish for less. Users describe Wlingua Spanish as being an “addictive” and “fun” app to use, and an economical way to learn a new language. This is a program designed to take you from a beginner to fluent. From vocabulary to reading to pronunciation, Learn Spanish by Wlingua will guide you through the various dynamics involved with learning a new language in entertaining and innovative ways. 

After being released, the app had a few technical difficulties that caused users to lose their progress within the app. These issues have since been corrected and there have not been recent reports of any problems. Overall, Learn Spanish by Wlingua is a top choice for beginners and those looking to advance their current Spanish vocabulary. 


Drops is an app that will help you learn a number of languages, including Spanish. Drops is known for its exciting graphics and user interface that keep you captivated while learning. With this language program designed for beginners, you will spend a lot of time building your vocabulary and using it in practical phrases and contexts. You will then practice using those phrases in a variety of ways to gain real-world experience. 

Drops is an incredible program that covers over 30 different languages. Due to this extensive platform and diverse set of language learning options, there are a large number of updates that occur. Despite some minor inconveniences that may occur because of this, these updates will only broaden your learning abilities and make for a deeper understanding of the language you are studying. 

If you are wondering how to learn Spanish from the convenience of your phone or mobile device, then AppGrooves has you covered. SpeakTribe, Drops, and Wlingua Spanish are three incredible and highly-rated apps that can help you get started learning another language from anywhere. If you still want more, check out the Best 10 Apps for Learning Spanish.

Español for the beginning bilingual! Learn Spanish in manageable lessons with Spanish to English translation apps teaching the Spanish alphabet and key phrases.


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