Learn Arabic on your own without taking a time-consuming class! If you already have some experience with the language, you can use it to practice your skills, but even beginners will find these apps helpful. Now you can learn at your own convenience and pick up a few phrases here and there without it getting the way of your life. Learning Arabic has never been so easy; you can look up words and learn basic phrases to get you started. Have you ever wanted to travel to a country where they speak Arabic? Use these apps to help you discover common phrases and words so you can navigate your way and communicate with others while you travel. 

Learn Arabic (by ATi Studios)

Learn Arabic allows you to learn the language using a fun and exciting app that gives you progress reports, trophies, and more to help you learn. You can choose from tons of words and phrases to learn, and even do daily lessons to improve your Arabic skills regularly. Whether you are trying to become fluent or you just want to learn a bit of Arabic for business or travel, you can rest assured that you will learn a lot - even in a limited amount of time. There are plenty of activities to choose from, like reading and listening exercises. The app even has a dictionary to look up specific words and phrases. Learn Arabic offers a new, more effective way of learning a language; you simply listen and read a conversation to understand basic words. This will help you pick up the language faster, so you can focus on your life and study Arabic at the same time!

Learn Arabic is great for anyone looking to learn Arabic in a limited amount of time every day. Some users have found that Learn Arabic does not have the strongest grammar and structure. This app tends to focus heavily on words and phrases and learning the basics of conversation in Arabic, it still has lots of information and lessons on grammar, but this is not the main focus. However, you can still get sufficient grammar lessons with this app along with tons of other useful tips and lessons. 

Learn Arabic (by Bravolol)

Love to travel? This Arabic phrasebook app will be extremely useful for you if you travel to countries where Arabic is spoken. Get tons of phrases and words to help you on the go; even a beginner will feel comfortable in a foreign country! Need help with pronunciation? You can listen to audio recordings of a native Arabic speaker pronouncing words and phrases as they should be. You can use the app offline so it works in any Arabic speaking country, and play voice recordings for people if you have trouble communicating. Use the Arabic translator to help you with words you come across that you don't understand. Practice Arabic wherever you are and learn at whatever pace you can handle so you can become fluent faster, or take it easy and just learn a few phrases.  

Some users have found that the app focuses on more basic phrases and words, which may help people get around while traveling. Since this app is a phrasebook, it may not have everything you need to become an expert with the language, but that is not what it was designed to do. If you want to become a fluent speaker, you can try an app that has grammar and other features as well. 

Mango Languages

This unique language app not only offers Arabic words and phrases, but you can choose from over 70 other languages to learn as well! Mango Languages even helps you to get cultural insights on what to say in certain situations. This app is perfect for understanding the basics of Arabic in a limited amount of time before you travel or have an important business meeting. Choose from tons of language courses to help you get a further understanding of the language and use helpful features like audio pronunciations to match the Arabic accent. Not only can you learn how to hold conversations, but you can also learn information about the words you are learning. Plus, get detailed explanations on grammar, tenses, and more. 

While some enjoy the style and content of Mango Languages, others feel that the multiple choice questions do not offer enough of a challenge. The app is designed for users of all levels to learn a language. Since every user is at a different level, some questions might be easier than others. If you find that questions are too easy for you, you can always skip ahead to harder lessons where the questions will be at your level. 

Learn Arabic phrases and words on your phone whenever you want! If you liked these Arabic phrase apps and want to learn more, check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Arabic! 

Learning the Arabic alphabet & language is easy and fun. Pick one of many Arabic learning apps that come with an English to Arabic translator.


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