Make every day a karaoke party with these apps that provide you with tons of background audio to choose from, plus voice and video recording while you rock out. Just sing along into the microphone on your device and edit your recordings before sharing them with your friends or on social media. Who knows? You might just become the next singing sensation!


Imagine having a recording studio with you wherever you go! Smule has a vast collection of backing track options to sing along to, including new hits, old karaoke staples, or Disney and musical favorites. You can even collab with your friends and sing a duet, right through the app. On-screen pitch levels and lyrics help you nail your solo and rack up points. Once you’re done recording, you can add video or voice effects to polish up your vocal track and make your video really stand out.

You get one song for free, picked based on the genres you select as your favorites, but after that, you have to get a subscription to enjoy thousands of the best karaoke songs. The cost is worth it to get all the songs your heart desires, accessible whenever you’re in the mood to belt them out!


For a cost-free way to sing your favorite songs, look no further than StarMaker! With high-quality video and audio recording and an expansive selection of video filters and voice effects to choose from, you’ll always look and sound your best. Song selections are tailored to your music taste, so it’s easier than ever to find the perfect karaoke choice for you. You can also choose to sing just the chorus of the song for more ways to customize your karaoke recording experience.

Since StarMaker operates with high-quality recording, there might occasionally be some sound distortion if your phone settings are not correct for the app. Nothing to worry about since the app StarMaker team is quick to troubleshoot any problems you have so you can get your tunes up and running faster!

The Voice, sing and connect

Now’s your chance to be just like a contestant on The Voice! While you’re making your music video, you can get extra points for staying on pitch and really wow the judges, even with those tricky riffs. After recording, edit your vocal track with effects that auto-tune your voice into a pitch-perfect sound and share your videos with your friends or the StarMaker community with the touch of a button. With hundreds of free songs to choose from, you’ll have a hard time putting down your phone!

The Voice allows you to make split-screen videos and sing with another friend on the app, but larger collaborations of three or more are not yet supported. The app developer may roll out trio or quartet features in the future, but for now, you’ll just have to enjoy all the great, free solos and duets.

There’s nothing quite like belting out your favorite tunes! For even more fun ways to play karaoke games and share your karaoke online through your device, don’t miss our Best 10 Karaoke Apps!

Sing like a rockstar with the best karaoke apps on the market today! Find your favorite version of your favorite song and get this karaoke party started now!


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