Investing in stocks has never been more simple than with these daily investment banking tools that help you find the best investments for you! Build your confidence and buy stocks when the time is right. Just like the Acorn investing service, you'll have stock updates at your fingertips and never miss out on a good opportunity to buy or sell. Plus, if you're new to the brokerage scene, these apps have tons of features for learning about investing and easily getting started!

Fidelity Investments

Skip the lines at your local Fidelity Investment Center with this handy app! Lack of investing experience won't stop you from getting a good start with the Fidelity Investments app. Not only can you see all the needed information for international market research, but you can get connected with an investment expert in seconds through the representative connection feature. Once you've made your investments, checking up on them is made simple with news feeds tailored to you. See a grid view or heat map view of trends, EPS info, and dividend calculations - plus an investment calculator to help you reach your investment goals.

Fidelity Investments does not include a biometric security feature for use with your phone's fingerprint tool, but you can still get a fast and secure login with your Fidelity account username and password. You'll have all your personal investment portfolios available in seconds, on a platform that always keeps your information safe!

Stocks, Forex, Bitcoin, Ethereum

The app is perfect for those keeping tabs on the latest market trends and breaking stock news. You'll always be the first to know with push notifications and at-a-glance phone widgets. With real-time price quotes, a calendar feature for upcoming, market-influencing events, and a favorites list to keep track of specific investment opportunities, you'll be ready whenever a good chance to buy comes your way. Not to mention, you can buy in seconds! On top of all the usual stocks, also helps you keep track of cryptocurrency, bonds and commodities, making it a flexible tool for all of your financial interests.

Because of how quickly the market changes, a few users have noted that occasionally their widget information stops refreshing properly. Luckily, this is easy to fix by either logging onto the app or closing out of the app and re-entering into it! And even when the widget is down, your app and push notifications will always be up-to-date, so you can be sure that you'll never miss a beat.


Free brokerage with no trading or commission fees! Daily investing for beginners has never been easier with the user-friendly Robinhood App: a wonderful introduction to the stock market. Get real-time, detailed market information and use your funds immediately to buy stocks with no wait. In addition, you'll have access to great in-app deals, such as referring a friend to get $500 of free stock. Upgrade to Robinhood Gold to get features such as double buying power and extended market hours. Your finances are always secure and protected, no matter how much money you're putting in.

First-time users should be aware that it takes a few days to link your bank to the app, but once everything is set up, transferring money is a breeze. All the more reason to download now, so you can get investing as soon as possible!

E*TRADE Mobile

E*TRADE is one of the most well known online brokerage firms out there, and now you can get all the features they bring to their website on their mobile app. Real-time streaming quotes, a fully-customizable dashboard screen, and portfolios with 19 types of sortable data-- everything you could need for your up-to-the-minute stock trades is at your fingertips with E*TRADE Mobile! You can even manage your finances in the app, including check deposit and bill pay features. If you're new to investing, the E*TRADE educational videos and other beginner resources will have you ready to trade with the pros in no time!

Some users of the app have expressed frustration with the app's automatic log out mode that requires you to sign back in after a certain amount of inactivity. However, the log out feature is worth the slight inconvenience to keep all of your financial information safe, so you can continue to use the app without fear of hackers.

From seasoned investors to stock newbies, the best investments are just a touch away with these easy to use in-app stock trading features. For even more ways to both keep track of the financial markets and invest in your favorites, take a look through our Best 10 Apps for Investing!

Investing in stocks or real estate can be easy & fun, even for beginners. With investment calculators you can make your money grow.


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