Want to be able to read about finance and the stock market while managing your investments? You can now easily do both with these great apps that will help keep you updated with important financial news and keep you informed about the stock market! 


You can get 24/7 coverage on the global stock market and even track your favorite company’s stock over time. Find out what the best investments are based on news and data about the stock market. Get stock quotes and view interactive charts to help you plan your next investment moves and manage your current ones. In addition, read the top business news to get expert opinions and personal finance tips; great for anyone who is interested in investment banking. You can also stream news clips and shows like Shark Tank and other CNBC shows! 

CNBC is great for receiving the latest financial news and business news! Some users may find that the charts on the app are a bit slow to load. However, if you are patient, you will get some really valuable information to help you with investing! 


Find your next possible investment opportunity with trusted insights about business and the financial markets! Discover information about emerging markets and look at helpful charts to plan out your investments. If you like the concept of an investment calculator, you can use the charts to help calculate your own investments. You can even access previous editions of the magazine on the app. Barron’s Stock Markets and Financial News gives you thorough information on the investment industry and is great for investing for beginners!

Barron’s Stock Market and Financial News is a great way to get in-depth coverage of business and finance news right at your fingertips. The interface is a bit simplistic; however, what it lacks in design it definitely makes up for in content!

Yahoo Finance

Want a quick and visual way to compare stocks? Analyze a variety of stock prices using charts to help you make your next investment. Keep track of the stock market as a whole or manage just your shares to quickly and easily see how they are doing. Keep up with all of your stocks and news in one clean, user-friendly app. Plus, find tons of helpful articles about finance and the stock market, and get updates as they happen with live videos!

Investing in stocks can be simple and convenient when using Yahoo Finance! Yahoo Finance links to broker accounts and helps you manage your investments in a simple way. There are some ads; however, if you do not mind watching a short ad, you'll be back to your financial news and all the other great data in no time!

Switching between different sites to get financial news and manage your investments can be a  waste of time. Luckily, there are some great apps that combine these features and allow you to do everything efficiently. To find more great investment apps, check out our Best 10 Apps for Investing! 

Investing in stocks or real estate can be easy & fun, even for beginners. With investment calculators you can make your money grow.


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