From cars to farms, plenty of your possessions cost a pretty penny and the idea of losing them is tough. With insurance, you make sure you never need to go through the loss. But, are you worried getting the right insurance will break the bank? One way or the other, you want to save money by getting the best life insurance and car insurance quotes possible.

Whether it’s with big companies like State Farm Insurance, Allstate Insurance or Geico Insurance, you want quotes that best fit your budget and the two apps below are here to make the process quick, easy and affordable.


Everybody needs a vehicle - it is just the way the world works these days. We all have to be on the road, which means a higher chance of the vehicle breaking down or god forbid, ending up in an accident. Root not only ensures you’ll have the coverage you need, but it also makes the process super easy. With Root you can get the best car insurance quotes without ever having to jump-call from one agent to another to get the best deal. Everything is perfectly clear right on your screen and only a few taps away. 

Root offers a “good driving” discount, so your driving record counts. This could be important to people with less-than-perfect driving records. But, if you have been lucky enough to avoid tickets and accidents, you’ll receive discounts up to 52%. And applying is fast and easy!


It’s hard to say how many insurance carriers are out there and you can’t afford to go through all of them to get the best deal. To get fast, super cheap quotes, this great app instantly goes through more than 100 insurance carriers for you in 50 states. All you have to do is do some quick comparison work and that’s it. Plus, with the constant updates, you’re sure to get the latest quotes out there.

If really you want to sit down with an agent and spend hours filling out paperwork, you might be disappointed! But if you’re looking for a quick quote without having to answer loads of questions, and you want your quote emailed or even texted to you, Life Insurance Quotes will surely be able to help you.

Both apps ensure you save money and time while helping you get what you want with ease and confidence. Although getting insurance is important, getting the best insurance is crucial. At the end of the day, we’re talking about the stuff in your life that matters. If these two apps don’t meet your needs, find what you’re looking for with our list of the Best 10 Apps for Insurance. 

Getting car, life or even pet insurance quickly isn’t always easy. With a trusted app you can pick any insurance and secure your coverage easily.


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