Finding the right wallpaper for your phone can be fun and exciting and having the right selection of images to choose from will make all the difference! Customize your phone, save wallpapers for later, and get new photos to choose from daily. 

Backgrounds HD (android) & Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds. (ios)

Backgrounds HD is an app for android users that gives you access to hundreds of images from numerous categories. Its IOS equivalent is called Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds and is an equally exciting option for Apple users. These apps both update their selection of wallpapers daily, so you always have the most stunning photos to choose from. You can even keep a selection of favorites to choose from later.

Backgrounds HD & Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds have both had some temporary issues after updating. The reports are few and far between, and both have had recent upgrades that have helped the user interface, improved speed, and provided new categories. 


Walli is an HD and 4K wallpaper and background app that is different from any others out there on the market. These images are custom pieces of art created by Walli’s collection of artists. You will find truly unique images, pick from anime wallpapers, be able to follow your favorite artists, and much more.

Walli is an amazing app that supports artists from all over the world, but every now and then it tends to be a little slow. But, knowing that you are contributing to artists everywhere is surely worth a few extra moments! 

Wallpapers (android) & Moving Wallpapers HD-Dynamic Screen for free (ios)

Two more incredible wallpaper apps are Wallpapers for Android and Moving Wallpapers HD-Dynamic Screen for iOS systems. While these are similar in their user interface, both are very different apps. Wallpapers is an app by Google, that allows you to access epic wallpapers and images from Google Earth, Google+, and other affiliates. This app is primarily for beautiful landscapes and epic scenery. Moving Wallpapers HD-Dynamic Screen is an animated and illustrated app full of colorful scenes, creatures, and designs.

Wallpapers has had an occasional report of the app randomly changing a user’s wallpaper without being prompted. This is not a common occurrence, however, and the app developers have been notified of the bug. If it hasn't already been fixed, It should be resolved shortly.

No matter what amazing wallpapers you are looking for, there is an app for that. Funny wallpapers, cute wallpapers, and images of all kinds can be yours with the click of a button. And if you want more, be sure to check out our Best 10 Apps for Wallpapers.

Turn your phone screen into a work of art! Select from loads of images with one of these awesome wallpaper apps and get rid of that boring phone screen.


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