Learning a new language can be especially challenging, but it doesn't have to be! Find the best and simplest way to learn Korean for free right here! It doesn't matter if you're ready to learn to speak Korean fluently or if you're just looking for basic language tools to help you navigate during your visit to Korea. Studying a new language with free lessons has never been easier!


Anyone looking to expand their Korean vocabulary will be hard pressed to find a better method. Learn Korean at your own pace by customizing the number of words studied per session, anywhere from 9 words per session to 99 words per session. The flashcard system adapts to the progress and performance of each individual. You will see in which areas you are strong and which areas you need improvement, with constant updates on your progress.

While flashcards are immensely helpful, the order of the flashcards cannot be updated. However, this can be remedied by skipping through the unwanted flashcards. With over 5,000 vocabulary words available, there is much to learn! Rest assured that the Korean you do learn will have perfect pronunciation, demonstrated by native speakers. 

Learn Korean. Speak Korean

For those just beginning on their Korean learning journey, it's best to begin your journey here. Instead of rote memorization, you will learn Korean in a way that is meaningful and long-lasting. The best way to learn Korean is by first memorizing the most important core words and then building up to key phrases and sentences. Learn to speak Korean the right way with the state of the art speech recognition software. It listens to your pronunciations and gives you positive feedback when you've nailed the pronunciation. 

While it may feel overly simplistic at first, the knowledge builds upon itself and becomes more complex as more work is completed. So patience pays off here. It takes time to learn to speak Korean, but the more time spent learning, the more the app adapts to your particular learning needs.


If you're planning on taking a trip to Korea or you want to interact with the people in your local Koreatown, you've come to the right place. Learn the basics and keep it simple. With two versions of the app, one free and one paid, you can choose which method is best for your needs. Use flashcards to help you learn Korean vocabulary. Flashcards can be customized to reflect different types of questions, such as audio types, recognition types, and so on. Furthermore, flashcards can be adjusted and rearranged depending on what is best for your learning. The search function can be utilized to search for words in both English and Korean, something that is not standard for all Korean language apps. 

Remember Innovative does have a free version. But be aware, that in order to access the full 2,000 available words, you will have to pay to upgrade. This is a small price to pay when you also get thousands of free sample sentences and free audio lessons to help with pronunciation and fluency. There is nothing that improves one's ability to learn a new language as much as the opportunity to practice speaking. 

Though learning Korean can be a challenge, it is a challenge that anyone can conquer! It does not matter if you're looking to be fluent in Korean or simply get by on the streets of Seoul, everyone can learn Korean. To expand your knowledge further, check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Korean!

Learn Korean on the go with English to Korean translator apps to teach vocabulary, sentence structure, and the Korean alphabet in short, easy to absorb lessons.


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