Finding a hassle-free way of making international calls has not always been easy! Now you can do it with just the press of a button with these amazing international calling and SMS apps. Regardless of whether you're talking to work colleagues or chatting with family, enjoy high-quality phone calls and messages right when you need them most. You'll never feel out of touch again, no matter how many miles are between you!

TalkU Free Calls 

Share all of your favorite moments with your favorite people by using TalkU Free Calls. From video recordings to hilarious GIFs, share all the fun as soon as it happens. Just like the TextNow and Messenger apps, you can communicate with ease using an assortment of great features. Make free phone calls to people in your country or go worldwide with international calling that's right at your fingertips. No matter how far away they are, it will be like they're standing right next to you!

Looking for a phone call app that's going to conceal your real phone number? TalkU Free Calls may not be what you're looking for. TalkU Free Calls does have a feature that allows you to select a free U.S. phone number that you can use to make calls, but you have to intentionally select this number when calling; otherwise, your real phone number is likely to show up. However, for people who are looking specifically to make international calls without needing a new phone number, TalkU Free Calls is the perfect solution!