Whether you're calling home from travels abroad or trying to reach a business partner from across the world, each one of those international phone call minutes can really start to burn a hole in your wallet. Stop paying for international plans and start using these great apps to get yourself a free U.S. phone number with phone calling, messenger features, and more. You can kiss your pricey phone bill goodbye!

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Make a call or text now to any U.S. phone number, absolutely free using WiFi or data! Never miss a call or text message with the lightning fast notifications, and the great sound quality that will save you from the dreaded phrase, "can you hear me now?" You'll love the free conference calling feature for looping in multiple business colleagues or just having a chat with your friends' group No passcodes necessary to join the chat. Share everything from photos and videos to map locations all for free, and get low cost or free international calls as well!

For longer phone calls or to take advantage of the low rates for calls outside of the United States, you do need to collect credits on the app. The good news is, you don't necessarily have to pay out of your pocket. You can earn free credits just by taking a few minutes to watch a video or play a game, and get back to your calls in no time!


Turn any device into a burner phone instantly and start making unlimited free calls and texts to any U.S. or Canadian number, all on a clear and simple interface. You can switch to a new phone number whenever you want and put unwanted calls to a halt without sacrificing all of your previous messages or call histories. Stay connected with anyone on your contact list with group chat features and free photo MMS. You can even get voicemails sent to your email if you're away from your device, so you never miss out on something really important!

Take note that you do have to have the app open and running in the background in order to receive notifications about incoming calls. But even if you do happen to miss a call while you were on another app, you'll be able to see the missed call notification right away and call or text the person right back.

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Get all of the free text and picture messaging that you want, plus the fun and useful ability to create your own custom phone number in whatever area code you like! Calling to another Text free app is always at no cost, and international calling or texting is super easy to earn and cheap to purchase. And if all that isn't enough reason to download the app right now, the customizable ringtones and millions of stickers to choose from will give your calling and messaging experience a little extra flair and personality.

If you get set up with a custom phone number that you really like, make sure to continue using the app regularly! If an app with a custom number goes unused for too long, the number may be given away to another user. However, this won't be a problem, since you will no doubt want to use these free internet calls and texts every day!

FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

Receive truly unlimited calling to all mobile or landline numbers in America and Canada, without the need to earn or pay for credits through the convenient subscription plan. FreeTone works across all of your devices with your personal login; even with poor reception or spotty WiFi. You can choose your own area code and even set up voicemail or call forwarding. You can also text for free with numbers in over 40 international countries. Send an update message to a family member in Brazil or a funny meme to your friend in Mexico!

Users should know that your phone number expires after one year of use, but you can keep it by switching to their low-cost subscription plan. If you wish to continue using the free version and keep earning or buying credits to make calls, you will be given a new number after the expiration. But the subscription plan is definitely something to consider - no ads, no credits to earn, and still much cheaper than an international SIM card!

Technology makes it easier than ever to connect on a global scale, so don't miss out on these inexpensive and hassle-free ways to get in touch with anyone in the world! For more, check out our Best 10 Apps for Free Calling & Texting.

Stop paying for those calls to friends and family. Make chatting fun & free with one of these free call & text apps.

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