We’d all love to be able to buy a fancy, brand-new car on a whim. But financially, that’s not really an option for most of us! A used car can save you a lot of money while still getting you where you need to go. Here are the best apps to help you find the best used cars.

1. Do Your Research on Car Reviews & Ratings

The first step to buying a new or used car is to do your research! Start looking up makes and models that interest you, and then check the reviews and ratings to see if it would be a worthwhile buy. You’ll find tons of great information about which cars last the longest, which ones get the best mileage, and which ones will be the best value for your money.


Search a huge selection of new and used cars using filters to narrow down make, model, year, price, and more, on the Cars.com app. Even receive alerts when there are changes to the listing for the car you want, such as a price drop or a new listing added.


Get a full understanding of the market used car value with CarGurus. CarGurus shows you used car prices compared to the current market price for the same car, so you can see whether it’s a good deal or a bad deal. This is so unbelievably helpful if you’re buying a used car with little experience!

Edmunds Car Reviews & Prices

Edmunds is a classic name in the used car business. They have over 24,000 reports and reviews on cars and used car dealerships, so you can thoroughly research your options before making a purchase.

2. Get Alerts for Price Changes & New Listings

When you’re in the market for a car, you should avoid buying right away. Take time to see how the market is fluctuating and to make a decision on the best used car for you. A great way to keep tabs on your options is to get alerts when there are price changes or new listings for the car you want.


Trovit is great because it lets you create customized notifications based on used car search criteria you specify. Set up an alert by choosing the make, model, price, location, and tons of other factors. Then Trovit searches thousands of used car websites to deliver the best results to you in real time, as they’re posted.


CarMax has a huge database of over 40,000 used cars for sale, so it’s a great resource for car information. Get alerts based on used car prices or even if the car you wanted has been sold, so you can start looking for another one right away!

Used Car Search Pro 

Find the perfect used car near you by specifying up to 59 different search filters. Then you can sign up to get email alerts when the price drops on a listing so that you can buy your ideal cheap used car at a great deal.

3. Vehicle History

The last step on your journey to buy used cars is to check the vehicle history of the particular car you want. This is super important so that you don’t buy a car that has hidden flaws like a poor title or a long history of breaking down. Here are some apps to help you learn about your car’s history before you buy it.


Before you buy, always check CarFax used cars. You’ll find detailed history reports that tell you all about where the car has been and what its been through. With CarFax, you can access all of that information on your phone, for free.

Free VIN Report for Used Cars 

Similar to CarFax, Free VIN Check provides you a detailed history report based on a car’s VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. But in addition, it also tells you what the market value is for that particular car and how you can expect the car’s value to depreciate over time! You’ll want to know this info before you buy.

EpicVin VIN

EpicVin is unique because you don’t have to enter the VIN manually, you can just scan the VIN barcode and receive all the info in one place. They also claim to have records of every used vehicle ever sold in the US! While we haven’t been able to test this theory yet, it sure seems like they have quite a lot of vehicles on record.

While buying a used car might seem daunting at first, it can be a breeze with the right tools. If you follow the three basic steps (Do your market research, shop around, and check the vehicle’s history) you should end up with a cheap and functional used car that’ll fit your needs. And if you still need a bit more help on your used car hunt, check out the Best 10 Apps for Finding Used Cars.

Take the anxiety out of buying a used car. Find dealerships, compare best used car prices, and find the vehicle you want at a used car dealer near you.

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