Whether you are trying to find reaction GIFs or anime GIFs, you can now find them all in one place without frantically searching! Have you always wondered how to make your own GIFs but didn't know how? You can now create your own GIFs from your favorite movies, tv shows, and more! GIFs can be a fun way to express yourself, so start creating yours today!

GIF Maker (android) & GIF X (ios)

With GIF Maker, you can turn your own photos and videos into GIFs! You can choose from a number of different editing tools like filters, and you can even add emojis and stickers to them! You can search for images from GIPHY! GIF X allows you to make GIFs from categories like cartoons and comics, make funny GIFs or animated GIFs. Both of these apps are great for making memes and you can easily edit your creations without any trouble. Both apps allow you to resize and adjust the GIF however you would like! 

GIF Maker and GIF X allow you to smoothly and quickly create the GIFs you want! Some users may find that when cutting their videos in GIF Maker it does not allow them to preview the edit that they have made. This can be a bit annoying if you are unsure of where to make the edits, but if you make precise edits and you know what you want your GIF to look then this should not affect your creativity! 


See something funny? You can record a video from the app and then go straight to editing it into a GIF right away! ImgPlay also allows you to select multiple images and combine them into one GIF. Edit video speed and change the playback direction to whatever you like; then use the GIF saver to save it or share it instantly! If you would like to edit your GIF even further you can choose from over 30 exciting filters to make your GIF even better! Forget about learning how to make GIFs, you can now easily do it on your own with ImgPlay!

ImgPlay is perfect for those trying to create GIFs with lots of additional editing tools and more. Some users have found that they may experience trouble editing videos that are too long. This a solvable issue when you make sure your clip is a reasonable length before editing it inside the app. Then, no worries!

Finding a great GIF does not have to take forever anymore! You can find GIFs or even make your own with a GIF creator. For more great apps check out our Best 10 Apps for Finding GIFs!  

Find funny animated GIFs to share or create your own. Creating GIFs is easy with an app that provides countless filters and special FXs.


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