It’s a war out there! Getting your hands on airplane tickets is often more stress than you bargained for. A process that should simple, buy a ticket and get on the airplane, turns into a warfare-like situation. You spend days strategizing on how to find cheap flights, the right dates and fastest routes not sure if you’ll succeed. Hours spent checking Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and more. Sometimes it feels easier to just give up, or hop on a boat instead. A crazy idea, we know.

Luckily, every war ends and the great battle of finding cheap tickets is finally over. The diversity the apps below bring will finally make that long lasting dream of a hassle-free ticket buying come true.


Although more offers mean more possibilities and likely, cheaper tickets, it does get overwhelming. You do have better things to do in life than staring at the screen all day hoping a cheap ticket offer pops up. The reason Hopper rapidly became one of the best flight booking apps according to Time Magazine is that it does the hefty work for you. Actually, it does that and a bit more. Not only does Hopper find cheap tickets currently available, but it also suggests if it’s better to buy now or wait for an even bigger discount. Hopper predicts the future!

Although the Hopper “bunny” does the work for you, it can get a bit tricky from time to time. The devil is in the details and this rule applies especially when booking airline tickets. While the initial price might be tempting, if you add details like more passengers or extra luggage, there’s a chance you’ll see the final fee go up more than you thought. Nevertheless, the predictions are super accurate and well worth your time.


Planning a trip is more than just booking airline tickets - we all know that. There are cheap hotels you need to find and cars you need to rent. All of this can easily make a relaxing trip feel like a lot of work. It goes without saying nobody likes that. Although the name is CheapFlights, they offer more than just what the name implies. You can compare flights from hundreds of travel agents and airlines like American Airlines and United Airlines. And Price Calendar and Chart Views make it super simple to see the cheapest days to fly. Whether you are hunting for last-minute flights, international flights or domestic flights you can easily find what you’re looking for. On top of that, everything is neatly organized in a super intuitive interface.

CheapFlights has you covered when it comes to deals, but as you click that buy button it may take awhile for the order confirmation email to arrive. This is a pretty minor issue, and compared to the many reviews about how awesome the prices are, we don’t think you’ll even notice.

Although experimenting to find flights might yield positive results, few of us dare to go that route when it comes to airline tickets, it’s just too scary. Fortunately, Kiwi juggles the prices for you and does quite an extraordinary job. Kiwi constantly comes up with mind-boggling fight combinations to find the one best fitting your wallet. Plus, their guarantee covers missed and canceled flights and you can easily upload all your travel documents straight into the app. A true flight companion.

It’s true when they say a trusty companion is worth more than anything else, but it is a problem when you find your “trusty” companion slouching. Although Kiwi does offer amazing deals, a few people reported bad customer service from time to time. But as most of the time everything turns out perfectly, you’ll likely not need the service in the first place.

It is a jungle out there when it comes to finding the best options for airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals. There are so many options it’s just hard to decide. Nevertheless, rest easy knowing we have given you some great choices for your next travel adventure. If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for just check out our full list of the 10 Best Apps for Finding Flights.

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