Whether you're planning a trip abroad and watching to get the best exchange rate for your money or just need to make a quick currency conversion before making a foreign purchase decision, these apps have your back. See the rates for hundreds of countries, and even cryptocurrencies, right on your phone whenever want!

Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate™

If you're traveling to multiple countries and want to see multiple exchange rates at one time, this is the right app for you! Use the easy, searchable drop-down menus to select the currency you would like to convert and the nine other currencies to convert it into. All you have to do is enter the numerical amount to see all the currency exchange rates on the screen in a flash. You can click on the graph button to see the trends for particular exchanges over the course of the last five months and make a more informed decision about when to exchange your money. With an easy refresh button, you'll always have the most up to date and accurate information.

This app is extremely handy for a quick check but if you're waiting for the best time to exchange, you should know that this app does not have price alerts. But with how easy it is to hop on the app and check, you can take a look at it every day and always be aware of the current rates!

Easy Currency Converter (android) & My Currency Converter & Rates (ios)

For those that just need a quick way to see an exchange rate, these useful apps show exchanges one at a time with tons of currency options to choose from! With Easy Currency Converter, you can add currencies to your list of favorites and save rates to access later in offline mode if you're traveling without a foreign data plan. My Currency Converter & Rates includes multiple cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DogeCoin along with their extensive store of various country currencies, and you can use up to three decimal points to get the most accurate conversion. Conversions for both apps appear right before your eyes, with no need to waste time hitting a "Convert" button.

A few people have pointed out that the news feed section of the Easy Currency Converter goes down from time to time and that the My Currency Converter does not have a refresh button. However, the Easy Currency developers are really on top of getting the news feed back up and running whenever it goes down, and the lack of refresh button for My Currency Converter can be solved by closing out of the app and restarting it. It always keeps whatever conversion you were last using when you reopen it, so no need to re-enter your information.

XE Currency

See everything from the Euro-Dollar exchange rate to market news and updates, and so much more! With XE Currency, you can check the rates for all world currencies and get detailed information about each one with the currency profiles feature. XE stores the most up to date rates so you can still access them even without internet or roaming phone data. With the full version, you can even analyze your rates with a mid-market rate comparison and transfer money internationally, all in the same place. Plus, set up rate alerts on your phone, so you can create custom push notification alerts and get notified immediately when the rate your watching hits the point you want it to hit before making your exchange.

To get all the full features of the app, there is a small fee for the premium version. But a few dollars is worth it for the detailed analysis data and alerts; perfect for those that make a lot of international purchases or do plenty of travel abroad!

Exchange rates are constantly changing, but with these apps, you'll immediately know the value of anything, no matter where you are. For more ways to have global currency rates at your command, check out our Best 10 Apps for Exchanging Money.

All the world’s currencies at your fingertips. Stay updated on continually fluctuating currency exchange rates with a great currency converter app.

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