If you struggle with dinner ideas or are constantly looking for new healthy recipes for dinner, then you need a new way to approach cooking. These best dinner recipe and shopping list apps are stacked with recipes covering all dietary needs, allowing you create your own shopping list without taking a pen and paper to the store with you, and give you simple step-by-step cooking instructions.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Yummly is a recipe and shopping list creator app that allows you to scroll through and select desired recipes that match your dietary needs and desires. Find a large selection of vegetarian dinner recipes, gluten-free recipes, and other healthy dinner recipes. It then generates your shopping list for you and makes meal planning a second thought. The app gives you personalized nutritional tips and tricks to help you make good choices and expand your culinary insight.

Due to the fact that Yummly has such an extensive network of recipes and information, the user interface has not always been effortless and easy. The developers have paid close attention to these complaints, and they have taken appropriate steps to improve the flow in all aspects. Scrolling, searching, saving, and finding relevant recipes have all improved with recent greatly. 

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner allows you to browse thousands of easy dinner recipes, build a shopping list, save your favorite recipes, watch videos, and so much more. A recent redesign has made the app easier to navigate and use on a wider variety of devices. All of the recipes are donated by home cooks just like you who have a passion for creating their own food. The recipes are easy to follow, and every recipe has alternatives to fit into your specific dietary needs.

The recent updates to the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner have created a few complications for users. The most disruptive of which are automatic audio clips and advertisements which may start playing without a prompt from the user. However, it's super easy to click out of the ad and continue accessing exactly what you want.  


BigOven is a meal planning, recipe-loaded, community-based cooking app that will reinvent the way you shop and cook. BigOven goes above and beyond your basic cooking app with the ability to see and share recipes with your friends, family, and community. Nothing brings people together like food, and now you have a one-stop shop for all of your recipe needs. You can also get help with guided meal preparations, shopping list creation, and more.

This is an innovative app that helps you to connect with your friends and family in a new way over everyone’s favorite subject; food! However, if you are looking for a vast number of recipes, other apps may be more accommodating. As this is one of the newer recipe and shopping list apps on the market, the total number of recipes available is still growing. 

Never settle for an unsatisfying meal again, or struggle with remembering your list before you leave to the store. These top recipe apps with a  shopping list give you access to thousands of dinner recipes instantly. If you want even more great ideas, check out our Best 10 Apps for Dinner Recipes!

Don't stress about dinner! These apps make it simple to feed your family or entertain with healthy recipes from appetizers to quick and easy entrees.

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