From mobile ringtones and alert sounds to gorgeous wallpapers that decorate your mobile device – you want something you love and is uniquely yours. But how do you find something nobody else has? Instead of searching for hours, why not be creative and design your own one-of-a-kind ringtones, wallpapers, and alerts that no one else will have.

1. With Wallpaper 

Before you start crafting ringtones, don’t forget beautiful wallpapers – it is the first thing you see anytime you turn on a device. Just as custom ringtones are music to the ears, gorgeous wallpapers are candy for the eyes, so finding the best one is important.


Buying a phone or tablet is easy, but most of the time they all look the same. So it’s no wonder we all want to give our device a bit of flavor. Quickly personalize any device with tons of custom wallpapers perfectly fitting for any screen.

Ringtones & Wallpaper for Me

Sometimes having too many choices is overwhelming. There’s just too many good looking wallpapers to pick only one. So why not create a dynamic background with automatically changing wallpapers? Surprise yourself and all your friends.

2. Personalize Your Ringtones 

When you first get your hands on a slick new phone or tablet, you might be disappointed by the lack of original ringtones. To make an already cool device even more personal, all you need is the right custom ringtone app. After that, the options are limitless.

Ringtone Maker (android) & Ringtones Infinity (ios) 

You just discovered a new favorite song that you’d love to have as a ringtone? But you don’t want the entire song, you just want the best part of the song? Simply pick out exactly what you want in three super easy steps, snip them and you’ll have a brand new ringtone song.

Ringtones XL (android) & Ringtones for Me (ios) 

Alerts, notifications, alarm sounds, ringtones – there’s just so many things you can choose to create a completely personalized device. With an enormous and easily accessible collection of unique sounds, you’ll find yourself having fun picking sounds for every function on your device.

3. Music Hits & Unusual Sounds 

Besides favorite songs, sometimes you want to be a bit crazy, especially if you want to stand out. Unusual sounds are all around us, but how will you get them on your device? No worries, there are tons of apps that provide all the sounds you need without ever having to work too hard.

Today’s Hit Ringtones (android) & Tone Creator (ios)

Everywhere you turn there’s a new hit song playing and finding the right one for your ringtone songs can be challenging. You need to search, download the song, and if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a sound file that has good quality. You can easily skip all the annoying steps when you have current hits in a single place ready to become your new ringtone.

Siren Sounds and Ringtones (android) & Hockey Goal Horns and Ringtones (ios) 

Popular songs are everywhere. Dancy tunes play from the radio, computer and even your mobile device. So you want something unusual, something instantly recognizable. How about full-blown siren sounds and hockey goal horns? Luckily, you can easily find the right, quirky sound and surprise friends whenever you get a call or text.

You’ve searched far and wide, but still no luck finding the ringtone that fits you perfectly? No worries, just check out our Best 10 Apps for Customizing Ringtones & Sounds.

Personalize your phone with a wide variety of high-quality ringtones and sound effects. Why settle for the default when you can have exactly what you want?

Ringtones & Sounds

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