Finally, the time of the year has arrived when you’re ready for that much-anticipated trip - a couple of weeks just for you. You start endlessly browsing all the major companies like American Airlines or Southwest Airlines for cheap tickets. You’re ready to put your travel plans together.

But as you search for flight deals, the more you feel the anxiety kicking in. You still need to find a hotel to stay and maybe even a decent car rental. Seems overwhelming. Luckily, the great apps listed below make everything easy with powerful bundle booking features.


Since its launch, Kayak has won tons of awards and there doesn’t seem to be anything holding them back anytime soon. It’s amazing how one app can turn tiresome multitasking into one simple job. Kayak’s powerful search options let you quickly find cheap flights, sweet hotel deals and simple car rentals all on the same screen. All you have to do is scroll until you find the best offers. Plus, simple icons make it super easy to instantly know if the offer is for airline tickets, hotels or car rentals. No need to read between the lines.

Just so you know, while you previously didn’t have to sign up for an account to use the service, the newer version may require registration. But registration is completely free, and since Kayak sends you email alerts for changes to flight status, gate locations, and even baggage claim, you’ll surely want Kayak to have your info!


Do you love to save a couple of bucks here and there? People at Expedia know this all too well and that’s why they organize their service around helping you save money. It’s almost magical how easily you can get great deals if you bundle book a flight and a hotel. And besides the regular deals, there are tons of Unreal Deals you can keep an eye on. 

A handful of reviews have reported that it takes a bit of time to receive credit for Reward Points. Though this might be frustrating, you will get the credit you deserve!


Time is money and this doesn’t only apply to business but bookings as well. The faster you find a great deal the better. Besides finding fantastic deals that can result in up to 40% savings, CheapOair also lets you book airline tickets and hotels with a single tap. You can easily skip the hassle and buy instantly. They also offer their own Visa Credit Card that gives even more reward points. And you know what that means; more reward points, more great deals.

When it comes to traveling it’s possible that something will come up and you’ll need to cancel your travel plans. Though a couple of users reported they were charged a fee, users have also reported that CheapOair was great in helping them when they had to cancel their flights. 

Booking travel isn’t something we want to do; it’s a necessary tool to get us where we want to be. Thus, it doesn’t make sense if you spend more time on booking than on having a nice, relaxing time. These bundle booking apps are sure to save you both money and time. But if you haven’t found what you’re looking for here, you can easily check our complete list of the Best 10 Apps for Finding Flights.

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