Learning a new language is a serious challenge, especially if you can’t physically visit the countries where they speak the language. It’s essential to learn how to listen to a new language, both so you can understand what is being said, and so you can speak with a better accent and pronunciation. Arabic is especially difficult, but with these great apps, you’ll have plenty of chances to listen to native speakers and master the language!


Beelinguapp is a very unique language learning app. Eschewing the standard flashcards and memorization techniques, Beelinguapp simply lets you read your favorite fairy tales, short stories, novels, and more in Arabic with your native language, side by side. That way, you learn by reading great stories and you’ll always have your familiar language to refer to if you need help with translation. It also has audio books, so you can listen to your stories in Arabic as well, with a handy “karaoke” style feature so you can follow along with text and your native language if need be. A truly one-of-a-kind language-learning tool, Beelinguapp is fun and educational!

While Beelinguapp is free to use, its most popular stories are only accessible after an in-app purchase. But with tons of other free options, as long as you’re willing to read or listen to something a little off the beaten track, it's easy to learn Arabic online free!

FREE Arabic by Nemo

FREE Arabic by Nemo is a more traditional language-learning app, combining a robust Arabic translator with all the resources you need to learn Arabic free of charge. Featuring curated “If You Only Learn 10 Things,” “If You Only Learn 50 Things,” and “If You Only Learn 100 Things” lists, you can get up and running with Arabic as quickly as possible. Once you get a handle on the vocabulary, you can use the Speech Studio, where you can record yourself saying a phrase and then hear a native Arabic speaker say the same phrase, so you can compare your accent to theirs. If you’re looking to learn as quickly as possible, FREE Arabic is a great way to do it!

Though FREE Arabic is great for vocabulary and pronunciation, it really doesn’t cover the grammatical parts of learning Arabic. So rather than learning everything in one app, it’s best used as a vocab supplement to another learning method. But everyone can agree that there’s no better or more fun way to learn vocab and pronunciation than FREE Arabic!

Learning a new language is always tough, especially when trying to listen and speak at the same time. But with these great Arabic apps, you’ll learn to speak without an accent and understand native speakers easily and quickly! If you’re looking for more Arabic resources, check out our Best 10 Apps For Learning Arabic!

Learning the Arabic alphabet & language is easy and fun. Pick one of many Arabic learning apps that come with an English to Arabic translator.


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