Finally, the day has arrived for you to start preparing for college. But, the more you think about all the prep work, the more you feel a little nervous as the ACT test dates are closing in. It's getting closer with each day and you have no idea where to start.  Luckily, with the right tools, you can focus on learning and have less wasted time. And if you're wondering what those tools might be, how about perfectly organized flashcards that cover everything you'll ever need to get the best ACT scores? They are simple, created by respected scholars and made specifically for students to nail the ACT.

ACT Prep

Ok, you've just finished high school and you've learned a lot, so it's not like you're starting from scratch. But it might feel that way when you dive into ACT prep. You need specifics and not general, time-wasting lessons. The amazing thing about ACT Prep is you take a diagnostic test before you even get the flashcards. That way, you can quickly check what you already know and instantly filter out all the unnecessary material. Less learning and more free time - it's a win-win situation.

Another amazing thing about ACT Prep is it has the question of the day to keep you on your toes. The only minor problem is it can't randomly generate on any subject for you to get a more comprehensive practice. Instead, you pick the subject and the app generates a random question from that specific area. This can get a bit predictable. 

ACT Test Prep, Practice, and Flashcards

English, math, science, reading, writing - there are so many things bundled up together to make your learning experience challenging. No worries, this great app might just have the solution you need. More than 200 flashcards are specifically organized to help the huge amount of information really sink in. But before you even start practicing, they offer an enormous library of videos you can easily browse to quickly find exactly what you need. Best of all, not a single video beats around the bush. They get straight to the point to bring you the knowledge as effectively as possible.

Although they provide a free trial, for some of the content you need to pay. This might be a bit offputting at first, but for the price, you get everything you need in a single place. And if you still want to save extra bucks, you can always take the one-week free trial and learn what you need. 

ACT Flashcards, SAT / ACT Prep

God only knows how many words there are in the English language. This beautiful set of flashcards contains more than 2000 concepts that are likely to appear on the ACT. Now, you might wonder how can you possibly stay on top of everything with so many concepts. The answer is easy - simplicity. Everything is so well-organized that you can find any word in a matter of seconds. Best of all, you instantly get a super understandable definition and example. No unpleasant surprises with this baby in your pocket.

Although lacking an ACT practice test, what's so amazing is you have all the phrases and terms perfectly sorted in a single app. This means you can turn it on any time and basically learn on the go. So, though they don't offer extensive tools, you're getting extremely quick access to every possible word you might stumble upon in your ACT.

Flashcards are an extremely powerful tool in any student's arsenal. But, you might be looking for something else to help you with learning. If the apps listed above don't meet your needs, check our Best 10 ACT Test Prep Apps. The list is specifically organized to save hours of endless searching.

Practice, practice, practice! Stay on top of your ACT prep with practice tests in math and English, and achieve that all-important test score.

ACT Test Prep

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