Are you a pre-med student? Or maybe you just watch Grey’s Anatomy? Either way, you can learn a ton about human anatomy with these educational (and fun!) anatomy apps.

1. 3D & Animation

See anatomy from a whole new perspective with 3D renderings and animations. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about your own body from studying on your phone!

Essential Anatomy 3

Explore the human body and all its organ systems the same way you’d explore a map. You can even see digital renderings of the nervous system and vascular system! For those who aren’t familiar with human anatomy, it might seem a little overwhelming, but it is amazingly comprehensive.

3D Bones and Organs 

Some of these illustrations are a little cartoonish, but the bright colors and simple design make it perfect for young students and children. You can even switch between genders to learn about the differences in male and female anatomy.

Muscle Skeleton 

The graphic design of these illustrations is, frankly, super cool. It looks so cinematic that you’ll think you’re watching the opening credits of Westworld! If you’re wondering why the graphics look so cool, it’s because all the skeletal surfaces are designed with high-resolution textures.

2. Quizzes & Flashcards

How much do you know about female anatomy? What about knee anatomy, specifically? Quiz yourself with these handy studying tools to make sure you really know your stuff!

Teach Me Anatomy

If you’re a medical student, you will definitely need this study tool. It’s beautifully designed to educate and to help you retain information, through multiple choice quizzes, textbook articles, and labeled illustrations.

Anatomy Quiz Free

Studying human anatomy doesn’t have to be complicated. With this anatomy quiz, all you have to do is correctly label each illustration and then move onto the next question. By the time you finish all 500 questions, you’ll be an expert!

Daily Anatomy 

Brush up on your anatomy every day with quick, adaptive quizzes and flashcards. You can even track your progress to see how you’re advancing! It’s the perfect companion to any human anatomy course.

3. Multi-lingual Support

Speaking only one language is so passé. If you want to learn anatomy in other languages, or you’d feel more comfortable learning in your native language, then these apps are definitely for you.

Anatomy Learning 

When you see these 3D renderings, you’ll understand why we say wow! The amazing graphics of human bones, muscles, and internal organs are so realistic you’ll never look at your body the same way again. Originally designed in Spanish, and then translated to English, bilingual Spanish-English speakers, this is our pick for you.

Visual Anatomy Free 

Are you learning a new language? You can now learn to pronounce all parts of human anatomy with audio pronunciation guides in up to four different languages - English, French, Spanish, and German.

With help from the best anatomy apps, you can definitely learn more about the human body than you knew before. But if you want to learn more, check out the full list of the Best 10 Anatomy Apps from AppGrooves. Or you could just watch Grey’s Anatomy again!

Get handy, accurate and useful access to information on human anatomy right at your fingertips with these great anatomy apps.


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