Finding a game that is challenging, fun and rewarding that doesn’t feel like a waste of time can be difficult. You won’t need to look too hard with our selection of the best anagram and word scramble games. Test your word knowledge and learn new words with these great games right on your phone. Customize difficulty settings and enjoy gorgeous themes and backgrounds for a relaxing and fun experience. They are perfect if you are looking for a game you can pick up at any moment and play for a few minutes or hours at a time!


Are you new to word puzzles? Wordscapes is a great choice with easy beginner levels that slowly work their way up to more challenging jumble solver puzzles! The layout is simple with gorgeous and colorful scenery themes from around the world. Play in a forest, desert, ocean and more while you discover new anagrams in each level. With almost 4,000 free levels and daily puzzles, you won’t have time to get bored. Are you stuck on a puzzle? Use coins you earn as rewards to purchase hints when you need help with a word!

Hints can be purchased for 100 coins. Don’t have enough coins to help you through a level? There are several options to easily build up your balance. Guess additional words that are not in the crosswords for bonus coin rewards. You can also watch short videos for free coins or purchase them too! Wordscapes doesn’t provide definitions for words you don’t know. For dictionary support, you might prefer Word Breaker or Jumbline 2!

Word Breaker

Word Breaker takes the anagram solver concept to the next level. With several free game modes to choose from, you will always find a new and interesting way to solve word puzzles. Play in the classic mode and solve word jumbles, crosswords, hangman and more! Want to put some strategy into the mix? Use the Board Solver mode for a more challenging scenario like Scrabble. A point earning system will have you strategizing your every move! Expand your vocabulary with word definitions available on demand. English not your preferred language? Word Breaker is available in seven different languages! Download dictionaries for any of them at no extra cost to play offline wherever you go.

A super-useful Screen Importer is great when you need help with puzzles in games like EA Scrabble and Words with Friends. Having some trouble using this feature? Just make sure the whole board is completely visible (no pop-ups hiding the game) and that playable tiles are all on the rack. Once you have used it once, you will probably use it every time, to easily check words you may have missed!

Jumbline 2

Jumbline 2 is a great anagram generator that is both challenging and interactive. Choose from 3 unique game modes for completely different ways to test your word solving skills. Play the Classic Mode and try to discover the longest word to instantly advance to the next level. Test your mental agility with the Star Tower mode or try the word unscrambler Cloud Pop mode for extra fun. The interface is simple and colorful with gorgeous animated themes for more than 20,000 free puzzles!

Jumbline 2 does not accept profanity or possibly offensive words. This is a good thing, making the game an excellent choice for all ages! Are you stuck on a word? Jumbline 2 doesn’t offer hints to help you through a level. For this, you might prefer to play Wordscapes. Encounter any words you didn’t know? Use a handy dictionary tool and expand your vocabulary!

Challenge your brain with fun and interactive word puzzles when you are on the go. Test your vocabulary skills and learn new words too! Any of these free games are perfect for a quick break or when you need some time to kill. For more word puzzles, check out our Best 10 Anagram & Word Scramble Games!

Clear the chaos! Demonstrate your ability to make wordplay magic happen with these anagram and word unscramble games.

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