Not all kingdom and tower defense games are created equal. Some take players to a medieval setting, while other games are created with a candy-coated theme. The games below focus on defending the world from space aliens. 

Tower Madness 2

Tower Madness is a genuinely enjoyable tower defense game. The goal is to defend the flock of sheep from invading aliens. Players are able to view the entire battlefield during each level played and they can place their towers where they wish to defend the sheep. Coins to buy the towers are quickly acquired by defeating each alien. There is even one backup defense per level in case those green men get past all the towers. This gives players one last opportunity to prolong the level before defeat. It could very well mean a victory after a near loss. 

If you’re looking for a fast-paced game, you might find your patience running out. Tower Madness 2 progresses at a natural pace through the levels, but sometimes it feels like you’re moving in slow motion. Luckily, there is a handy fast-forward button that speeds up the action when you’ve reached your limit!

Alien Creeps TD 

Alien Creeps is a tower defense game with a slightly bolder approach. The game is set in a desert-like battlefield with a military defense theme. There are more weapon choices from the very beginning of the game than the previously mentioned app, and play overall is a little more intuitive. The creators drove an exciting sense of urgency from the very beginning of this game. It is quick paced and draws the player into the game. Even the first three levels of the tutorial are interesting and vastly helpful, so pay attention. 

On certain levels it’s impossible to see the entire screen at once, leaving you open to a surprise attack that could overwhelm the battlefield. Because of this, it leaves the player more vulnerable and that requires a confident strategy. Of course, all of this is nothing new to a defense enthusiast. After all, a little challenge is good now and then.

Saving the world from space alien invasion has held its popularity for nearly 40 years in the video gaming world. Tower Madness 2 and Alien Creeps are immensely enjoyable and top rated for good reason. And when you’re done with aliens and looking for more of the best tower defense games, check out our Best 10 Kingdom, Castle & Tower Defense games.

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