Are you a girl who loves all things mystery? Or perhaps you prefer to spend your time building your very own town from scratch? No matter what you love, you will have a blast doing it with girls adventures games!

1. Apps for Craft-Focused Games 

Do you have what it takes to create new and innovative tools? What about an entire world all your own? Get started with fun craft games for girls that boost creativity.

Build your own sugary sweet world of candy, chocolate, cookies, pies, and more! Craft tools, build houses, create awesome fashion trends, and become friends with other users as you explore a unique world made for crafty dessert-lovers like you.

Become a princess and reign over the perfect kingdom that’s designed by you! Customize shopping centers, build castles - even include a pet shop. You are the architect of your own world, so you get to decide what it looks like.

Are you a fan of the classic Disney universe? Become the creator of your very own Disney theme park and choose your favorite characters to join along in the fun! Put together unique rides and parades, and ensure the safety of your park and its guests by defeating evil villains. No matter where you go, be in charge of making your dreams come true!

2. Intriguing Mystery Games 

Could you be the world’s best crime solver? Put your mind to the ultimate test and challenge yourself with these game apps for girls that are full of twists and turns.

Dare to be brave with a haunted adventure game that’s compelling story ends with a twist you’ll never see coming! Roam the abandoned town to find clues, reveal secrets, and solve puzzles as you attempt to put together the mystery behind the bizarre Haunted Hollow.

Unveil the mystery behind Ghost Town and it’s peculiar inhabitants. Interrogate suspicious characters, make magic potions, and protect the town from a series of wicked ghosts, zombies, man-eating plants, and more. Take on the role of Detective and be the one to finally break the wicked, all-powerful curse.

Can’t get enough puzzle solving? Discover the secrets behind the town of Nightfall as you explore haunted libraries, abandoned hotel rooms, and a long-forgotten asylum. Sharpen your mind with difficult puzzles and get sucked in by an enthralling story that will have you constantly coming back for more.

3. Fun Point & Click Adventure Games 

Have fun interacting with your surroundings in these awesome girls adventure game apps! Get sucked into mystery and adventure with the simple tap of a button.

Solve a murder as you try to escape from the dangerous Wickham Manor. Gather important tools, explore haunted rooms, put together tricky puzzles and riddles, and complete all 9 chapters. Can you survive until the very end?

With only a backpack and minimal supplies, try to survive in the most difficult environment: the middle of an abandoned forest. Solve the mystery of the eerie strangers in the woods, collect clues, and make it out alive...if you can.

Blythe Castle is under attack and the only person who can save it is you! Solve Challenge your brain with a series of intricate puzzles and escape the castle, room by room, until you solve the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of the King.

Don’t wait to delve into the mystery, adventure, and creation with these fun, multifaceted girls games. Need more games? Check our Top Adventure Games for Girls.

Girl power to the max! Explore magical kingdoms, solve forensic cases, and everything in-between with adventure games for girls of all ages.

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