Standardized tests are more important than ever to get into the college of your choice. While the SAT is the more commonly used test, the ACT test is just as important and can sometimes make or break an application. So before you finish your ACT registration, make sure you have every advantage you can get. These apps, which combine traditional ACT practice tests with video lessons, can make all the difference.

Varsity Tutors

To increase your ACT scores as high as you can, you need access to the very best, and that’s what Varsity Tutors gives you: 24/7 access to their network of tutors and practice tests. Already well known as an in-person tutor provider, Varsity Tutors brings the same level of excellence to your phone, so you can study anywhere. They offer thousands of test questions with access to live tutors in over 70 subjects, so no matter where you are and what you need help with, Varsity Tutors can help.

Just keep in mind, this assistance will come at a bit of a monetary cost. Varsity Tutors asks that you sign up as one of their students, much the same way as if you were to hire one of their tutors in person. But when you do, you get a qualified, real-life tutor to help you through whatever areas you struggle with whenever you need. Varsity Tutors is a leader in tutoring for a reason, and if you truly want the best score you can get, there’s really nothing better.

With everyone’s schedules more busy than ever, it can be a challenge to find big chunks of time to study. Sometimes, it’s better to study in little bits, at your own pace. That’s where comes in. Unlike Varsity Tutors, does not provide you with a live tutor but instead gives you pre-recorded videos, covering a wide range of topics in easy-to-digest five-to-ten minute lessons. This is more of a studying-on-the-bus-home ACT prep app. With the ability to download videos for offline use, you never have to go without a lesson, no matter where you are.

Though all the lessons are taught by expert teachers, they are pre-recorded, so there’s no way to ask questions if you’re struggling with the material. So is really best for overviews and reviews of subjects rather than in-depth tutoring. But with its offline download feature, you can take your learning anywhere, making it best for the truly busy and those who just need a little extra help.

ACT test dates happen year round, so having your learning resources on your phone will keep you ready and able to learn whenever and wherever you are.  With video lessons, you can learn everything you need, even if you struggle with text-based lessons.  The ACT can be stressful and challenging, but with the right apps to help, you'll be on your way to a perfect score in no time!  If you need more ACT prep, check out our Best 10 ACT Prep Apps!

Practice, practice, practice! Stay on top of your ACT prep with practice tests in math and English, and achieve that all-important test score.

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