Life doesn't always come with an "Undo" button, but luckily your favorite addicting numbers game can! Never again will you have to sacrifice your best scores over one miss-swipe. Plus, with all these extra gameplay features and challenges, you'll have plenty of different 2048 puzzles at your fingertips.

2048 Number puzzle game

As if the classic version isn’t entertaining enough, this 2048 Number Puzzle Game has tons of different options with multiple modes to choose from, including X-tiles on the game board and timed survival games. There are even challenges that give you specific puzzles with a limited amount of moves to complete them. The practice mode is perfect for 2048 game beginners and gives you an unlimited undo button so that you can practice up and quickly get to those more difficult challenges.

Avid players should know that these puzzles are exclusively the classic 4x4 version and do not include larger formats of the board such as 6x6 or 8x8. But with all of the challenge modes to try, you’ll have plenty of high scores to beat in every category!

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli

The original 2048 number puzzle game, right in the palm of your hand! These puzzles include the features you’ll love such as the useful undo button and detailed gameplay statistics, all with beautifully designed graphics. The game is guaranteed to be challenging no matter what level you’re at, with a time trial mode for those that find it a little too easy to beat the untimed version of the game. You can also toggle the swipe modes between normal and expert and swipe anywhere on the screen to merge the numbers, making for fast and easy play that's custom to your needs.

Some users remark that they have accidentally pressed the "New Game" button while playing and lost their progress mid-game, but the button cannot be pressed unless you specifically tap it. As long as you keep using swiping motions on the screen, you’ll have no fear of losing your hard work, and you'll no doubt be playing for hours!

For even more 2048 puzzles, including options for 2048 5x5, 2048 6x6, and 2048 8x8 boards, or the classic 2048 plus other challenging modes of play, take a look at our Best 10 2048 Games!

Everyone's favorite number puzzle game is now at your fingertips. Play variations of classic 2048 when you want, where you want!

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