The first NCAA March Madness game to be televised was February 28th, 1940, and we’ve come a long way since then. College basketball fans live for the 6 week period that starts at the beginning of March and lasts through the first weeks of April. So how do you stay up to date with your favorite teams and players? Are you following an old alma mater, or do you just like a certain team’s colors? No matter the reason, the excitement is very real. Below are the best NCAA March Madness apps that will keep you up to date and in the conversation.

NCAA March Madness Live

NCAA March Madness Live gives you front line action to all 67 games played during March Madness. Their focus on the game is astounding. Not signed up yet? Missing an important game? They give you the first 3 hours free with unlimited CBS games after the trial period. So sit back and grab some snacks while you stream the game directly through your TV. Even if you are unable to watch, you will be never left out of the loop with accurate, up-to-the-minute live game notifications, scores, and the official NCAA bracket tab.

Forewarning, it is helpful to be connected to wifi or have good cell service while watching a live game. However, if you are viewing a classic game or game analysis video, your connection should be fine - even with less than stellar service. Finally, pick your first game wisely. After those three hours are up you must log in with your TV provider to get live games and a paid subscription is required for games shown on TNT, TBS, and truTV. 

NCAA Sports

Unlike the previously mentioned NCAA basketball stomping ground, NCAA Sports gives you a complete sports overview of all important NCAA games and championships. You get to follow each sport within the NCAA as they ebb from one season to another. Catch the sports action of the current season of football, basketball, ice hockey, and beach volleyball in one place. During March Madness get accurate NCAA rankings and other useful notifications about your favorite teams and important games.

NCAA Sports, unfortunately, lacks some detail that others provide. There is no classic NCAA March Madness game analysis or in-depth, behind the scenes information. But it does provide you with accurate current season scores and engaging articles written by highly passionate sports writers. What NCAA Sports lacks in extras it certainly makes up for in content.


As the big dog on the porch, ESPN has it all. It has all the sports and all the March Madness you could want, moreover, the live streaming is unmatched. Get highlights and NCAA scores from the most talked about games, or your favorite underdog. Accurate game push notifications keep you updated. ESPN also offers TV shows, documentaries, a podcast, articles, and anything a sports fan could think of for any season.

The ESPN layout may seem a little cluttered to users at first. Like a dinner menu with too many options. But once you’ve set your favorites it becomes easy to navigate. But the quality of the live streaming and all the extras will make ESPN addictive to any sports fan.

CBS Sports App 

With CBS Sports App you will get NCAA March Madness all year round. Much like NCAA March Madness Live, CBS does a fantastic job at keeping the focus on popular games and providing great detailed content focused on March Madness on and offseason. Easy navigation takes you right where you want to be and gives a broad sports experience from around the world. And unlike ESPN there is no subscription required.

Since CBS is a worldwide provider for sports information you may miss some of the live games from the 67 March Madness games. They tend to focus on what’s trending so unless your team is the next Cinderella or close to the final four, updates may not be what March Madness fanatics have in mind. In that case, one of the other apps suggestions might be what you're looking for.

March Madness is a 6-week journey into college basketball’s most exciting time. No one should miss a beat and thankfully, there are many options to choose from. And if you're looking for more, just check out the Best 10 March Madness, NCAA & College Basketball Apps.  

Watch March Madness & College Basketball live wherever you are. Easily stay on top of the NCAA and all the excitement!

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Best 10 March Madness, NCAA & College Basketball Apps