Basketball Shooting Games

Shooting Hoops From Your Phone

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck at work wadding up paper balls just to shoot hoops into the trash can. But, what if there was a better way to get your hoop fix at work? Or even a way you could knock down some jump shots in the car or on the couch? Basketball shooting apps are the best way to enjoy that rare feeling of the ball gliding through the hoop, catching nothing but net. There are not many feelings like it in the world, and now it’s available on your phone. 

For serious basketball fans and casual sports followers alike, these apps are a thrilling way to spend your free time. Everyone who goes to the arcade knows that you don’t have to be a basketball pro to enjoy the hoop-shooting games, and the same is true for these apps. With a variety of features like skills challenges, playing as your favorite NBA players, and multiplayer game modes, these apps can get addicting fast. It’s the thrill of sinking shots and racking up the high scores you get at the arcade, all from your phone. 

Skills Challenge Game Modes

While these basketball shooting apps have a ton of features, some of the coolest and most unique include the crazy game modes. While many basketball shooting apps feature gameplay akin to the arcade-style basketball games, they aren’t limited to one machine and game-type. Instead, these games take you to exotic destinations, insane courts, and nearly impossible levels, all forcing the player to sink clutch shots to pass the test. 

And if you really want to push your skills, there are other game modes available that measure you as a complete basketball player. From dribble, pass, shoot challenges to rebounding and stealing, you can work on all the skills that make up an NBA All-Star. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy this wide range of challenges in eye-catching environments. You might even step beyond the world of basketball and find yourself shooting hoops in space, launching trash into a wastebasket, or flipping ping pong balls into plastic cups. 

Play as Your Favorite Stars

Furthermore, if you're into professional basketball, you can also take on various challenges as stars of the NBA in basketball shooting apps. Completing the skills competition with Lebron James or shooting hoops as the late, great Kobe Bryant can add another layer of interest to these apps. And, if you really want to put in the time, you can even create your own player. Designing your player's game outfits and skillsets to make the most of your talents allows you to take on custom game modes with your video game persona, climbing the ladder to basketball fame. 

As your created player or your favorite NBA player, you can take on NBA legends in games of Horse, 1 on 1, 3-Point competitions, and much more. There are even game modes designed to let you work your way up the hierarchy, beginning with some lesser-known NBA legends, and working your way up to challenging the greats. 

Fun for All Ages

Another exciting feature of basketball shooting mobile apps is their extensive range of experiences.  Many of these game modes and apps are a lot of fun for younger kids who enjoy playing games on tablets. They're simple, entertaining, and can instill an appreciation for hoops in even the youngest of basketball fans. With tons of different levels and games, each app has something for everyone, from 3-year-olds to teens. 

There are even exciting opportunities to shoot hoops in other environments that children will really enjoy. From basketball in the jungle to playing Horse against actual farm animals, the children's versions of the games are exciting twists on the old flick-and-shoot games that kids enjoy. From helpful tutorials to engaging animations, hoop shooting apps have everything needed to quickly become your kids' favorites. 

Play With Friends

Along with entertainment for all ages, these basketball shooting apps offer robust multiplayer capabilities and forums. With online connectivity, players can join forces with friends in multiplayer challenges or go head-to-head in a variety of game modes. If you and your long-distance friend are always arguing about who's got the better jump shot, now you can settle it over the phone. It's hard staying connected with friends when there may not be something to talk about all the time, but there's always hoops. 

Along with head-to-head competition, there are also chances to share high scores on social media or post to group leaderboards. If you and your friends want to create a league, you can do that too so that the competition never stops. The options are endless when you combine the fun of basketball shooting games with the online connectivity of mobile phones. 

For basketball fans of all interest levels and ages, hoop shooting apps are an addicting source of fun. With various game modes and difficulty levels to multiplayer capabilities, these apps might just become your new favorite.