Baseball Video Games

Major League Baseball

As more people began attending baseball games as a leisure activity, Major League Baseball rose to high levels of popularity in the United States. Sports were becoming a more popular form of entertainment worldwide, and people were drawn to baseball because they could relate to the players more than players of other sports. Instead of the incredibly large human beings playing in the NFL, the gritty, almost superhuman hockey players of the NHL, or the abnormally tall basketball players of the NBA, baseball players came in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. 

Of course, there were some amazing athletes, but there were also heroes of MLB history like Babe Ruth who enjoyed hot dogs and beer just as much as the fans who attended the games. Through the 20th century, the game became a nationwide phenomenon, and the major leagues became one of the most popular professional sporting institutions in the world. 

Classic Baseball Video Games

The rise in popularity led to more people attending baseball games in their free time, and it also led to the creation of baseball video games. Instead of only experiencing the MLB by attending the games or watching on TV, fans could get closer to the action in a virtual way as well. When Nintendo ushered in its first baseball game, "RBI Baseball," in 1988, many other entertainment systems were to follow suit. However, "RBI Baseball" remains one of the all-time favorite franchises of old-school gamers. 

A lot of the classic baseball games were played on the early systems like the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Sega Genesis, and then the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). In the late 90s, the rise of PC games led to a different style of gaming. Instead of playing on a console hooked into a television set, users were playing on their computers. This computer-style gameplay is still seen echoed in many baseball game mobile apps for today's smartphones. 

Progression of Baseball Games

As these baseball games entered an era of new technology, many new games took inspiration from the favorite classics that had been the most popular. "World Series Baseball 98" was one of the last popular Genesis baseball games before video games were forever changed. The late 90s saw Playstation, or PS1 as it's now known, burst on to the video game scene. The original Playstation console gave users an improved experience in many ways. The graphics became more realistic, the controller was more user-friendly, game modes were more diverse, and more memory data was available for content that could be saved. 

Technology also allowed for a hand-held gaming device, the Game Boy, that teamed up with baseball All-Star Ken Griffery Jr. to create entertaining games such as "Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball." The 1997 hit swept the nation, and the Game Boy became incredibly popular. With chords that could link to other Game Boys, users could play against each other. This technology set the tone for the current video games that use live video technology to allow users to join forces on the Internet. 

Successful Franchises

These baseball games quickly became some of the most popular games in any genre. "MLB 98" was a very successful game for Playstation, and the company began making plans for their next big move. In 1999, the PlayStation 2, or PS2, was unveiled to the video game world, whose counterpart and main competition was the Nintendo GameCube. The "All-Star Baseball" franchise became a very popular PS2 and GameCube game, while a new game took the PC world by storm. "Backyard Baseball," a game that combined fictional child characters playing baseball in various yards, parking lots, and casual settings against the children version of the popular MLB players at the time, is still held to legend status in the gaming world. 

However, the king of all baseball video games is now the hyper-realistic "MLB The Show" franchise. As one of the most popular PS4 sports games for the past decade, "The Show" is a visual sporting experience that is hard to rival. The game even teams up with various music streaming services to provide entertaining music during gameplay. Unfortunately, the game is not available on Xbox One, a marketing plan designed to force users to make the switch. 

Baseball Mobile Apps

While PS4 users are the only gamers who can play the best MLB game for consoles, XBOX One users can still enjoy baseball games on their phones. Baseball game mobile apps provide free, realistic, and engaging fun involving many different facets of the game. Tap Baseball, for instance, is one of the most popular baseball mobile apps. This entertaining game allows you to play with real MLB stars and run your own MLB team. 

Many baseball apps provide fun game modes like home run derby and mini-games, but a few of them will let you enjoy the full Major League Baseball experience from the front office of the organization all the way into the dugout. You'll be the general manager buying, selling, and trading players to improve your team. You can also be the coach on the field, making game-time decisions and leading your team to victory. 

Baseball game mobile apps are the latest in a long line of creative and entertaining video games that allow users to immerse themselves in the world of baseball.