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Base Building Games

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Base Building Mobile Games

Base building mobile games are part of the diverse defense games genre that challenge players to use strategic planning to defend a certain position. These games typically involve building a base to defend against waves of attackers, finding provisions and materials in the surrounding environment, and planning out the best way to stay alive. With a variety of scenarios, environments, and challenges, these mobile games provide a ton of entertainment for anyone who likes to combine logic with resourcefulness and combat. 

Available for iOS, Android, and more, these apps also feature multiplayer strategy games that allow you to team up with friends or strangers. Joining forces with people who share the same interests as you can be an entertaining social opportunity without the stress and hassle of leaving the house or meeting someone new. Building bases with a group is a great exercise in communication and teamwork, so mobile apps provide a fun option for team-building activities. 

Strategic Challenges

Another element of base building is a heavy emphasis on strategy. Usually, the games place you in a scenario (either by yourself or with a group) that involves getting attacked in waves or at set times. As the levels of difficulty progress, you'll need to build stronger bases with whatever resources you're provided. You might have a castle and an entire army to build a base against opposing forces. Or...it could just be you and a few tools, with life on the line. 

Imagine you're stuck in the woods with a broken ankle, awaiting rescue. You have to make it three days until help arrives, but wolves attack every hour at night. So, with limited time and limited resources, you're forced to strategically create a barrier to ward the wolves off. It's also essential you set yourself up to use whatever weapons you may have to scare them away, so your base should be built to allow for defense and attack leverage. 

Survival of the Fittest

You see, base building games are all about survival. It's about real-world problem solving and critical thinking. What materials can you use to build a barricade between you and the approaching enemy? What weapons will work best to lessen their numbers so that you can escape? And how can you keep yourself alive as you wait for your situation to change? Heart-pounding action awaits as you search frantically for these answers, racing the clock and trying to keep yourself and your group alive. 

If you're playing in a group, you'll enjoy the added element of trying to protect each other. When one member of the group dies or is close to dying, many of these games provide revival methods or medkits that can help you bring them about to back to full health. A group is only as strong as its weakest link, so keeping everyone alive and healthy is essential for surviving the attackers. You and your party will learn lessons in leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. You might even learn these lessons the hard way. 

Military Style Base Building Games

Many of these base building games are centered around a military arena or scenario. This adds in the entertaining method of choosing the right weapons and infantry-style hand-to-hand combat. If you're a fan of Call of Duty and other first-person shooters, you'll really enjoy base building mobile apps. There is a lot more strategy involved, but you still can feel like an Army Ranger, selecting your loadout and putting your combat skills to the test. 

The situations can range from medieval army conflict to the trenches of World War II, so there is a mobile app for any history buff. Lovers of modern military conflict can also find themselves pinned down in an airport behind enemy lines, using whatever resources they can find to fend off enemy infantry until their extraction team arrives. Fighting for survival against other military forces is a thrilling way to enjoy gaming on your phone. 

Post-Apocalyspe Base Building Games

If you're more into more base building games in less realistic settings, there are post-apocalypse environments that provide exciting base-building action. Fans of The Walking Dead might enjoy the hand-to-hand combat with zombies after creating a liveable base that protects your position. In order to survive in this world, you'll need food, shelter, and a sense of urgency as the clock counts down to the next attack.

Similar to tower defense games, these apps will put your survival skills to the test as zombies or other groups try attacking at various times. Other people will want your food, your supplies, and your base, while zombies will want... well, we all know what they want. Surviving the apocalypse is a challenge unlike any other, and you or your group can put yourselves in another world as you use brains and brawn to survive another attack. 

From medieval times to the end of the world, base building will always be essential for survival. Mobile app games give you the change to put these survival skills to the test. 


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