👪 Balance Family & Work Life with The Best Day Planner Apps

A recent study shows that children's happiness doesn't depend so much on time and where you spend it, but if the parent is enjoying parenting or not.

Still, this can feel overwhelming depending on how hectic your work is, but the reality is it's all about better time management.

Yes, with an active family and work life, there is less time, so we bring you three tips to get a better grasp of time and in return, balance your life and be a better parent.

1. Clean Cut Your Time

The first thing you need to do is plan a day ahead. It takes only 10 minutes and it can save you hours.

But, you must plan today for tomorrow. Don't think how to save time; just go through what you have to do and note it down.

You can easily cut it do just five minutes with apps like Any.do that are specially developed to organize your day.

2. Pinpoint Time Wasters

At the end of the next day, go back to the list and check what you managed to do and how much time it took.

This will give you a clear picture of where you can cut time in work and use in your family life for example. 

Just like a car, after some usage, your life requires a tune-up. You might think you're running at full efficiency, but that's not necessarily true.

3. Create a Priority List

After pinpointing ways to save time, you'll likely still feel lost in deciding where to use the newly acquired time.

In reality, it's really easy and you should create a priority list that goes like this: kids, partner, self, work.

Same as the first step, it is much easier with an app where you can create priorities and assign tasks to each one. For that, try out Todoist.

We suggest repeating the process of planning your day and tracking to find tinny nuggets of free time.

You obviously won't instantly discover an extra hour you can spend with your family, so it's all about finding minutes that can quickly turn into a whole hour.

That's why tracking and planning are essential and with The Best 10 Day Planner Apps you can at least be sure you don't waste time on time planning. Good luck!

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