Maybe it’s not the Kardashians, but we are fans who love the gossip and the breaking news. 

If you want to consider yourself a celebrity news expert, or you want to be in-the-know about the latest gossip before everyone else, this article is 100% for you. Here are the apps you need to have fun with your celebrity crush! 

1. Get Your Gossip Fix 

Here’s the basic bread and butter for anyone just starting out with celebrity news and gossip. TMZ is the source of breaking celebrity news and exclusives, 24/7 all year round. You’ll get exclusive inside scoops and content whenever you want. You definitely need this app on your phone ASAP.

Feel like testing your newfound celebrity knowledge? Pick one (or all!) of these fun celebrity trivia games and see how much you really know about your fave stars. Plus, you can finally find out which of your friends is really the biggest fan once and for all.all.

Show off your insider knowledge of who's dating who and more with these top-rated celebrity trivia games!

Celebrity Trivia Games

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Now this one might sound lame, but this would be a pretty bad tip-list if we didn’t include it: go read a magazine! These are still the best ways to absorb celebrity news. Grab a copy of People, Us Weekly, InStyle, or any of those tabloids you see at the grocery store checkout stand. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned magazine.

2. When TMZ Just Isn’t Enough 

There are tons of sites and apps where you can dig up juicy celebrity news, but we won’t list all of them. Instead, the best aggregate for gossip is one that’s already probably pretty close to your heart already: Buzzfeed. Did you know they have a super fun, interactive app? Well, now you do!

If reading isn’t quite your speed (no judgment here), you can always watch your entertainment news. Everyone knows that TVs are a thing of the past, so here’s a list of the best apps for free movie streaming TV straight to your phone - so you can watch your favorite celebrity news shows on the go!

Discover a new obsession! Compare the best TV shows and movies streaming. Find the best of what you love to watch right at your fingertips.

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If somehow the endless Buzzfeed quizzes and streaming entertainment news TV shows aren't enough for you, then… I guess you could read a book, or something? Chances are, your fave celeb actually already has an autobiography out. So get down to a library and read it!

3. Be Your Own Celebrity 

Everyone knows that the best thing about keeping up with celebrity gossip is getting to live vicariously through your favorite celebrities. Well, now there are even more fun ways to fulfill your celeb alter ego! Create your own celebrity persona, take over the fashion world, and craft your own story with the It Girl game.

Take what you’ve learned from TMZ, Buzzfeed, and It Girl Story, to make yourself into a real-life celebrity. With the rise of social media, anyone can become famous! So start crafting your Instagram brand, create your own vlog on Youtube, and watch your own star rise to fame just like your favorites.

Want proof? Snap a selfie with the B612 Beauty and Filter Camera app and be amazed at the magazine-ready quality of your photos. With selfies like these, you’ll even give Kylie Jenner a run for her money.

Don't ever miss a single bit of news or gossip!

With these apps and games you can wow your friends with all of your knowledge, or get them to play a game with you and see who reigns the king of celebrity gossip.