Apps to Help You Pass the NCLEX Exam

Keep Your Study Materials Organized

When studying for the NCLEX exam, future RNs are faced with a task that is much harder than people understand. On top of having to train at the hospitals and work hours that a typical nurse would work, they're having to study the complex subjects from the NCLEX review guide. Everything is tested, from the cardiovascular system to dimensional analysis to anatomy. The questions in the test bank are diverse, numerous, and challenging. Many of these students need a little bit of help in order to feel more confident and give themselves a great chance of passing their NCLEX exam. Turning to mobile apps is quickly becoming a great way to prepare for the exam in multiple ways. One of the most important things a nursing student can do is stay organized and manage his or her time. By utilizing note-taking and organizational mobile apps, a prospective RN can prepare for the NCLEX with a well-managed schedule and organized materials. 

Memorize Terms with Online Flashcards

An essential part of NCLEX prep is memorization. Medical textbooks are full of terms, definitions, and diagrams, all of which could be testable on a number of questions on the NCLEX Exam. For a prospective RN or PN, memorizing all of the various terms in the review book will be essential for exam success, but it's a time-consuming and daunting task. Fortunately, many of the NCLEX mobile apps offer the option to create and download flash cards to bolster your NCLEX prep and make the memorization a breeze. Instead of taking hours to write down every term, look up the definition and then write it on the back of the flashcard. A student can use the flashcard feature in the app to download pre-made cards. You can study on your computer, tablet, or phone and flip back and forth between term and definition very quickly. There are options to put pictures and diagrams on the flashcards as well, and, for those of you old-school students, you can even print out the flashcards. 

Find Online Tutors

As a student prepares for the NCLEX exam, an online study buddy might be the next step to success. There are a number of online tutoring services, ranging in expertise and styles. Some apps like Khan Academy offer video tutorials on the more complex subject matter like the cardiovascular system and the NCLEX PN standard practices. Other options, such as Quizlet, offer practice quizzes, student manuals, flashcards, and one-on-one chat sessions with online tutors who are available to answer any questions a student may have. If you struggle in a specific area that you're certain will be tested, like Biology or Chemistry, you could find a specific app for a tutor with expertise in that area to shore up your weaknesses before the big day. With so much technology at their disposal, prospective RN and PN students should be able to gain enough confidence in their studies to reduce test anxiety and succeed on test day. 

Take Practice Tests to Reduce Your Anxiety

If test anxiety is a hurdle for students facing the NCLEX exam, then utilizing the mobile apps to practice certain test questions and memorize answers will be crucial toward getting a passing score. Questions for LPN exams can get complicated, so practicing the exams will help you understand the language and methods of the test better than just studying the terms or watching videos about the subject matter. It's one thing to understand the concept of anatomy, biology, or the systems of the body. However, understanding the language used on the test, the exam style and layout, and the strategies to get the best score is a whole new challenge. By using mobile apps to find access to a NCLEX simulation exam, prospective RN and PN exam takers will find themselves more prepared for the test layout and the best strategies to get a passing score. After all, if you continue to pass practice exams, your confidence going into test day will be at a very healthy point.

Find Test Centers Near You

If you want to take the NCLEX exam, NCLEX prep mobile apps can help you find the best locations near you. These apps are much more than just time management strategies and questions to review online. You can find the best test centers near you, sign up for dates that fit your schedule, and even download a discount code to offset some of the price. You'll also be able to read articles from previous exam takers and get advice on test strategies. Get specific information on the NCLEX exam such as how many times you can take it and what materials you'll need to bring. In the competitive world of nursing, a great test score can set you apart. And NCLEX prep mobile apps can help you maximize your score potential. 

NCLEX exam mobile apps can help prospective RN and PN's chase their dream job and take the next step toward setting themselves apart from other candidates.