Anesthesia Calculator

Double-Check Your Calculations With an Anesthesia Calculator

Obviously, an anesthetist's job is essential. Too little and the poor patient wakes up in the middle of surgery, but too much and ... well, you know. So, being able to double-check your anesthesia calculations can be a welcome relief in order, as sometimes even the basics can be a lot of work. There are several different types of dosage calculators available, and your practice might even have a recommended one.  

Therefore, try several different calculators to see which one you prefer. A net calculator is useful for the base unit calculations to make sure your hand calculation is in the ballpark before sending it to your peers for review.  Other drug calculators require a more in-depth approach; while these may take longer to fully complete, they are going to get you closer to the actual amount required. Another feature to look for is the option to change the type of anesthesia used in the procedure, as you know, some patients will be allergic to certain drugs, and a different than standard anesthesia will have to be used.

Keep Billing Simple With a Revenue Estimator

While calculating the exact dosage required is by far the most essential part of an anesthesiologist's job, billing the patient correctly takes up a lot of a doctor's time as well. Most doctors and nurses aren't a fan of the billing process as it requires a lot of paperwork, time, and effort that could otherwise be used to treat people in need. Luckily, to help speed up the billing process, there are plenty of available anesthesia billing apps. To find a billing app that works well for you, be on the lookout for the following features. 

To begin with, the first feature you should look for is the ability to change the cost per unit of each type of anesthesia. This way, you can keep the estimator up-to-date with the continually fluctuating drug prices. The next feature to be aware of is time charts that allow you to estimate how much anesthesia will be used in each procedure right there in the app. These two features will help make sure you are charging patients the correct amount, which means you can spend more time treating patients and secure more revenue.

Review Medical Guidelines & Keep Your Practice Current

Another great app to look for is a medical journal app. By downloading a medical information app, you can keep your practice up to date with current articles and recommendations. The guidelines for medicine change continually, and so do the examples of recommended procedures. Sometimes, just keeping up with the changing practices can be a full-time job for both doctors and nurses, whether you practice on humans or you went down the veterinary route. 

So while there is no perfect formula for keeping your practice as modern as possible, having an app with updated info at your fingertips is a great start. Besides just keeping your medical practice current, a good journal is a great way to kill a bit of free time. Reading through interesting articles about the cutting edge of medicine is probably better for your health than just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and getting slightly angrier than you'd like to admit about that twice removed uncles' post. 

Keep Patient Information Easily Accessible

Whether you are a doctor or veterinarian, keeping track of all of your patient's anesthesia information can be an absolute nightmare. To help make your life a little bit simpler, look for an app that can connect to your existing patient database. By having an app on your smartphone, you access patient data from anywhere. Being able to have convenient access will help speed up the process of everything from calculating the cost associated with pediatric surgery or refresh your memory on the patient's monitoring sheet.

Having the patient information available will make it easier to update yourself on the exact procedure that the patient is undergoing. This way, you calculate the correct relative value units or RVU for the operation. After all, some operations require a lot more calculations than just B*T*M form an anesthesiologist. 

Easily Calculate the Dosage for Animals for a Vet Clinic

Being an animal anesthesiologist brings something new to the table almost every day, from dogs and cats to snakes and exotic birds you are never quite sure what animal is going to walk through the door next. While the Banfield example calculation is a good place to start, look for an anesthesia app that allows you to make quick conversions based on the type of animal, so you can quickly double-check your dosage calculations. Several apps may include the ability to perform anesthesia reimbursement calculations as well. This little feature can save you the headache of trying to relearn the reimbursement guidelines that change every year.

Now that you are ready to find your new favorite work assistant: an anesthesia calculator app, keep scrolling down for a great list of calculators put together by AppGrooves.  This list below is a great place to start your search and help the process of looking for a good app go much quicker.