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Alcohol Drink Recipes

Tools & Ingredients to Make Cocktails at Home

Before you start downloading all the drink recipe apps to dive in the cocktail scene, let's first take a quick peek at the equipment you need to have a lavish and perfect home bar. Having the right cocktail bar equipment ensures that no matter what cocktail your friends want to enjoy, you will have the necessary tools to whip it up in no time. For example, you can find an app that plays like a pocket bartender, giving you instructions on the home bar tools you will need. Although you might not be able to purchase everything at once, tools like a shaker and mixing tin, a sharp knife for cutting fruit, and a shot measure, as well as a small variety of liquors, liqueurs, and juices, and you can start concocting some drinks right away. As a result of learning cocktails from apps over time, you will be able to purchase more items as they are needed to fill your bar and buy more fun bar gadgets. Moreover, you can purchase new spirits, tools, and bar ingredients on apps and have them delivered right to your door

Start Off With Easy & Fun Cocktail Recipes

So, now you have a small but efficient bar set up, it's time to grab that smartphone and download some easy drinks to make at home. If you are just getting into the cocktail making arena, no one should expect you to make a perfect Gin Fizz. This cocktail has a special ingredient (egg white) and you have to know how to properly shake a cocktail with egg white to get the desired texture and creamy head on the top of the glass. You should start off the apps that filter easy recipes for you to try out. You can also find apps that not only filter by level of difficulty, but also by ingredients. So, if you have a bottle of vodka in your bar, why not start with a simple recipe like a screwdriver? Starting off with simple cocktails will help you get used to the measurements of alcohol and the normal ratios of alcohol to juice. 

Find More Recipes Online From the Professionals

Now that you're feeling more confident with your cocktail making skills and have probably acquired a few more ingredients, it's time to graduate from your beginner's bartender app. There are apps that allow professional bartenders to put new recipes they create on them so they can share their ideas. You can find bartender recipes on apps with videos or step by step instructions to make it easy to follow. Mixology drinks are fun to make and once you get used to the techniques of bartending, you will have lots of fun learning classic cocktails recipes as well as come up with some creative cocktails of your own. 

Learn to Make Classic Cocktails & Learn Their History

Another great part about learning cocktails (besides drinking them, of course) is learning about the history of classic cocktails. Some recipes date back to the 1800s and are still some of the most popular cocktails at hip mixology bars, such as the Old Fashioned, the Sazerac, and the complex to make Blue Blazer cocktail. Another famous cocktail, the Cosmopolitan, for example, was created in Manhattan in 1987. You can find videos and recipes to make all of these classics as well as impress your guests with the history of the cocktail. For a speakeasy atmosphere at your bar, you can download old recipes from apps and frame them all around your bar, making a great display of the cocktails you offer coupled with information about the creation of the libation. 

Once you have mastered the classics, you can start tinkering with your own innovative cocktails. Just as a chef creates his or her own dishes, you too can create custom cocktails by getting inspiration from apps. Look for apps that feature trending or new cocktails and see if you can create something unique but inspired by it. For example, if you love an espresso martini and you also love tequila, you can exchange the vodka for a reposado tequila to tailor to your palate and be creative. Some apps can help you conjure your own drink recipes by featuring new and interesting liqueurs or even teach you how to infuse your own spirits. For instance, instead of having a normal mint julep with whiskey and mint, you can learn how to infuse your whiskey with fresh peaches or cherries to make a peach or cherry mint julep. Similarly, why not add cucumber slices to your bottle of gin to make an even more refreshing gin and tonic? Creating your own cocktail doesn't always have to mean loads of ingredients or difficult mixology techniques. It can be as simple as the addition of a fruit or new liqueur. With apps, your cocktail creating could be endless and a lot of fun. 

Ultimately, whether you want a simple bar for friends to enjoy, or you want to create a new hobby and come up with innovative cocktails, apps can help you create the perfect home bar, teach you techniques and recipes, and give you inspiration to make your own. Don't forget to check the link above to start learning the world of cocktails right away. And don't forget to cheers to your new cocktail making hobby.