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💰 🚗 Afford The Car You Want with The Best Apps for Calculating Auto Financing

It's highly advised you don't buy a car for which your monthly expenses exceed 10% of your monthly income. Remember, there are other expenses in your life as well.

But before you even start spending on a car you own, first you need to go through the hassle of buying a car.

When car shopping, we do weird auto financing, mental gymnastics as we endlessly hunt for the best car loan on the market. 

To make it less frustrating, we bring you four tips to help you prepare before you even start browsing possible car options.

1. Check Your Insurance Rates

First and foremost, check your insurance rates. Many people ignore that step and after you buy a car, it's too late.

You don't want unexpected costs to hit you in the face as it isn't possible to return a car just because you don't like the rates.

Car type, retail price, safety and the cost of parts are just some of the many elements so use an insurance app to estimate if you can afford the car.

Getting car, life or even pet insurance quickly isn’t always easy. With a trusted app you can pick any insurance and secure your coverage easily.


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2. Buy at the End of the Month

Although buying a car is obviously the final step, one thing to keep in mind is that car sellers have monthly quotas they have to meet.

This means they are more likely to lower the price at the end of the month and you can save additional money.

So once you decide on everything, it's smart to wait until the end of the month as it will give you more negotiation power.

3. Afternoon Dealership Visit

On the other hand, if you're just preparing to check possible cars and you need extra information, you are likely to visit a car dealership.

The best time to get useful information is in the afternoon during weekdays. Dealerships are less busy at that time, and you're more likely to get extra attention.

4. Best Time to Buy a Car

Yes, we know, 2019 barely started, but the best month to buy a car is between December and January.

It's during that time that dealerships update their inventory so cars from the previous year are likely to get substantial discounts.

Furthermore, you can save even more with apps like AutoGravity that allow you to check if you can afford a car in the first place.

Oh No!

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Best 10 Apps for Calculating Auto Financing

Figuring out your car shopping possibilities and auto loan options is as close most of us will get to rocket science. 

But, it is possible to tone it down to middle-school math thanks to The Best 10 Apps for Calculating Auto Financing.

You can quickly check possible car loans, browse car inventories and figure out which financial plan is the best for you.

Combine the tips with one of the apps, and you'll be riding in a new car faster than you can decide what car color is your favorite.

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