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Advice on How to Choose the Best SWAT Team Game App

Pick a Good Tutorial to Master the Basics

Joining a SWAT team takes years of hard work and dedication. Nerves of steel are needed for success in this dangerous line of work. Still, you can always enjoy a bit of the excitement that comes with rescuing hostages or defeating a particularly tough enemy through great SWAT team games. Also known as tactical shooters, these apps put great emphasis on teamwork and really let you catch a glimpse of what it's like to be on the front line. If you're looking to get started, we have a few pieces of advice you might want to consider.

As a total beginner, you won't want to dive into the deep end and find yourself unable to enjoy the play. Instead, make sure that you pick an app aimed at newbies. A good one will ease you into the world of high adrenaline and swift action. Members of the law enforcement dealing with SWAT (which stands for special weapons and tactics) do, after all, take years to train.

Speaking of training, a good portion of the games available on the market today will incorporate some form of a walkthrough. A tutorial will show you the controls, teach you how to move, communicate with your team members, and generally give you a strong foundation of all you need to know about the mechanics of the app. If this sounds like something you might need, make sure the game you choose has it.

Turn to More Advanced Games When You Feel Ready

The educational portion of the game may take an hour or so, or even stretch over a few days. But, the effort will be well worth it. Over time, you will master more advanced moves and be able to tackle some pretty strong enemies. Complex situations will no longer pose an obstacle. This will be a clear sign that it is time to move into some bigger challenges.

Certain awesome apps will offer you an opportunity to adjust the level of difficulty, giving the enemies a more intricate AI, or making weapons and ammo less available. Some of these games will even rank among the most difficult first-person shooters in existence. This could really push you to your limits and test your endurance as a virtual cop.

If amping up the difficulty for its own sake is not your style, perhaps you might want to spice things up through a completely different strategy. Picking an app that combines SWAT-style play with elements of RPG could be a great way to make your sessions a lot more exciting.

Make Sure the App Works on Every Platform

 Ever since the rise of fast Internet, multiplayer video games have taken a lion share of the market and really put their stamp on modern-day entertainment. SWAT team games are no exception. Still, such apps often come with one challenge that not everyone will immediately notice. Think about it. Do all your friends use smartphones that run the same operating system? If the answer is no, you may begin to understand the problem.

A game that runs on iOS but completely bypasses Android is a big "no" for any experienced player who wishes to get as many of their friends involved as possible. Only a universal piece of software will meet the criteria and let you enjoy hours of play with your best buddies.

Luckily, many apps will have this covered, and some will even go so far as to have a strong presence on PCs and laptops. If you choose such an app, you will be ready to play anywhere, with friends logging in through their preferred platform - be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

Explore Different Themes & Learn New Tricks

SWAT team games have a premise that, upon first glance, may seem a bit too narrow. You fight terrorists, you free hostages, work on disaster prevention, you intervene in some pretty prickly situations but, at the end of the day, that's about it. Or is it? Things can actually get quite diverse, depending on which app you pick. Some will try to be hyper-realistic and stick to contemporary situations. Others may take a somewhat different approach.

Games that delve into the near past and cover specific situations are becoming more common with each passing year. They might be a great way to indulge in a "what if" fantasy and change the approach of dealing with everything from bank robberies to major terrorist attacks.

Of course, not all police and military games will stick to a perfectly realistic scenario. Some will allow you to take your unit into some pretty surreal situations and turn your team into the cops of the future. The introduction of sci-fi elements, such as weapons or vehicles, is a common method developers use to keep things exciting. If this sounds like an interesting idea, you might want to check such apps and see if any pique your interest.

Consider Your Budget & Pick Accordingly

Last but not least, you should also take note of one other bit of criteria - namely your budget. Do you wish to save your hard-earned cash or is your focus mainly on quality? The answer to this question should provide you with a clear guide on which sort of app you should select.

A budget-conscious player should always gravitate towards the free version. While such SWAT team games may often have more than a few ads scattered around the map, they will let you be frugal and not have to worry about additional expenses.

If, on the other hand, you absolutely demand the best of the best - with realistic graphics and elite troops to boot - a paid app should be a much wiser choice. Most belonging to this category will serve a better overall experience and include options simply not present in their freeware counterparts. Ultimately, choosing which app you should download is a balancing act with many different variables. Striking the perfect equilibrium is up to you.

Reading through our Advice on How to Choose the Best SWAT Team Game App has almost certainly made you ready for visiting the Best 10 SWAT Team Games and finding a particularly great one.