5 Ways to Help Your Kid Learn About Animals

Observe Animals in the Wild

Seeing animals on the TV is one thing: seeing them live is another. Make trips to zoos and parks where your kid can see different animals. Such trips will allow your child to observe animals and learn more about them than they ever would in the classroom.

You can visit a national park in your area, so your kid gets to see the animals at a close range. That way, they learn about the sound they make, what they eat, and how they behave. Apart from parks and zoos, a farm would be a great place to take them. There, they'd have proximity with animals like goats, chickens, and fishes.

If it’s not convenient for you to visit the wild, you can have a Virtual Reality (VR) safari tour with an app like Safari Tours Adventures, which brings your kid face-to-face with amazing wildlife like rhinos, wolves, crocodiles, elephants, and lions. The app has a safari jeep that takes users through a mind-blowing tour using a wildlife simulator.

The more time your kids spend with these lovely creatures, the more they learn about them. Instead of spending every other weekend at malls, why not find the best spots for your kids to observe nature, and learn about animals beyond what their books say.

Watch an Animal Documentary

Making a trip to a zoo every time is not possible, but you can keep your kids fixed on learning about animals through animal documentaries. Several channels offer video footage, an audio narration of animal life in the wild, which children can find incredible.

You can take a virtual trip to the wild and watch these animals as they hunt for food and socialize. Children can get tremendous animal information watching how different animals live and behave in their natural habitats. This is even more thrilling when they compare the scenes with that of well-behaved animals at the zoo.

Some documentaries are more or less animal fun videos that kids find very engaging and entertaining. Just like memory building games, animal documentaries can help build a child’s cognitive function.

Educational apps like Animals for Kids offer beautiful images of a variety of animals giving kids a view of the wonderful animal world, just like a normal documentary series. The app has an easy-to-use interface and voice feature to help kindergarten kids learn the names of animals on their own.

Play Animal Learning Games

A fun way kids can learn about animals is by playing animal learning games. With these fun games, your child can easily learn about the difference between an eagle and a parrot, for example. Animal game apps are educational apps that teach your kid extensively about the animal world, as well as helping them develop empathy and care for animals.  

These animal games not only educate kids, but they also open their minds as they learn about the differences that exist between animal species.

Learning Animals for Toddlers is an educational game app that teaches about different animals and the sounds they make. On the app, kids can learn about the crocodile, monkey, antelope, fox, squirrel, and 24 other animals. The Animal Puzzle for Kids is a jigsaw game designed for preschool kids. It contains eight categories of animal puzzles, including sea birds, dinosaurs, safari, forest, farm, small friends, and sea.

It’s important to select age-appropriate animal learning games for your kids. Baby and toddler learning games differ from preschool kid learning games. 

Keep a Family Pet

A child who grows with a family pet can hardly imagine a life without one. Playing, feeding, and petting a family dog, for example, creates many beautiful memories in a child. Such fond relationship helps a child develop ethical values and relational skills.

Getting your child to care for a family pet will allow them to learn about animal behavior every single day. They’ll not only become conversant with the animal’s physical features, but also with animal feelings.

However, if your child is at risk of allergies, we encourage you to think things through about getting him or her a pet or talk to your doctor. Also, speak to a veterinary doctor about the pet animals that won't put your kid at risk. 

Reading animal-related books with your kids is another way you can help them learn about different animals. Books expose your kids to the thrilling and fascinating animal world. Many of these books contain songs about animals, which provide an entertaining way to learn more about them. Exploring the world of animals with your kid at a young age will help them develop language and numerical skills, as well as compassion and care.

Encourage your kids to read entertaining books on animals such as the famous Peter Rabbit classics. Such books will help develop your child’s empathy for animals and stir in them the desire to learn more about animals.

A good way to learn animal names and sounds is via a mobile app like iStoryBook. The interactive platform lets your kids read different storybooks like Three Little Pigs, The Blue Fox, and others. That way, kids get a glimpse into the lives of these interesting creatures.

Helping your kid learn about animals will involve starting with animals they often see, like dogs, cats, and birds. Teach them the sounds these animals make, what they eat, where they live, and what they like the most. Then you can go a step further by doing the things we’ve recommended. Since kids particularly enjoy games, you can teach them a whole lot about animals through them. Check out our review of the Best Games for Animal Learning to get started.

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