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5 Ways to Have Fun with Dragon RPG Apps

Hatch & Collect Different Dragons

One of the best things about Dragon RPG is hatching and raising different types of dragons. These types of games often will start with choosing your favorite type of dragon and wait until it hatches from the egg. Then, as the game progresses, you can buy different types of eggs - usually starting with earth, fire, water, and air dragons.

As these games progress and you level up, you have the chance to buy rare dragon eggs and win them based on special events that the game runs. Certain dragon species require different dragons to hatch. For example, an obsidian dragon might require one fire and one earth dragon to create it.

These games are a lot of fun for players of all ages and they can be exciting to see what type of dragons hatch after breeding.

Battle Against Other Dragons

Next, who has the toughest dragon in the game? Now is the time to find out. Fight your dragons against the other players' dragons and see who is going to win. Use your strongest dragons and win the battles to come out on top.

A popular game app for battling dragons is Dragon Mania Legends. There are more than 350 dragons in this game, and they are always adding new dragons to it. You have quests that you can do to get coins and food. They also run special events so that you can get special and rare dragons that aren't available anytime else.  

The game also has a path that lets you battle different dragon masters and work your way up the line to fight harder dragons. It has a bit of everything.

Fly Through the Sky as a Dragon

Now, have you ever dreamt of flying through the sky as a dragon? Maybe shooting flames from your mouth and spreading your wings as you terrify the people below? If this sounds like you, then you will love dragon simulator apps.

Depending on the simulator you choose, you can fly through the forest and battle other dragons and beasts, or you can terrorize cities. There are even apps that let you go under the sea as a sea dragon.

Whether you are looking for a new game where you can breath fire, eat cows and people, or you are just looking for a fun game where you can wear scales and become a part of your own fairy tale, a dragon simulator is a fun way to do it.

Anyone who loves dragons should try a dragon simulator. It gives you the chance to become the creature that you love.

Try Your Luck With Matching & Slots

Now, along with hatching your dragons and being a dragon yourself, there are other options for people who love dragons. One of the most popular options is the match 3 games. 

One of the most popular titles in this genre is Puzzles & Dragons. In this game, you are given a monster to battle other enemies with. Battling is done by matching three or more items in a row. There are some monsters that are stronger against other types of monsters, such as water being stronger than fire. As you keep defeating monsters, you have the opportunity to gain stronger and rarer monsters to make it easy to defeat your enemies.

Another popular RPG option for people who love dragons is slots games. Dragon Era Slots is similar to a match 3 game in that you have to match the gems. The difference is that instead of you moving the gems around, you spin the reels. When the items line up, your team attacks the enemies. Its a lot of fun and needs strategy to create the best team.

Explore Other Magical Worlds

Finally, if you love dragons, there are other games that you can play that, although they don't center around dragons, may include dragons in gameplay. For example, there is Hogwarts Mystery, a Harry Potter based game where you play a Hogwarts student. You encounter your favorite and least favorite professors and even meet the wizards known as the Weasleys. If you're interested in AR games, another favorite of Harry Potter fans is Wizards Unite. This game is similar to Pokemon Go, except it's Harry Potter themed. You'll encounter things like elves, fairies, unicorns, and even some Death Eaters and vampires!

Battle Camp is another fun game that you can play and find lots of creatures to collect and defeat with powerful hits. There are many fantasy worlds to explore and discover in the app store.

As you can see, there are a plethora of dragon apps out there just for you to find, and we have barely scratched the surface. Whether you want to get your own set of wings and fly into battle while breathing fire, hatch a cute and sweet baby dragon, or battle your way through beasts or explore new fantasy worlds, there are a variety of apps from which to choose. Head to our Top 10 Dragon Role Playing Games and see what ones you like the best. The magical world of dragons is waiting for you to join it today.