5 Ways to Find the Best Slot apps

Try Your Luck with Free Slot Apps

Slots are games of chance that are bound to get your blood pumping. Pull the lever and wait for the spinning to stop, and there is a chance that in the end, you'll be a whole lot richer than you were just a few seconds ago. However, slots aren't called the one arm bandit for nothing. Your chances of coming out on top against the spins aren't high and they all depend on luck, fortune, or fate: whichever word you use. If you want to try your luck at slots, download a free slots app. These free slots apps are great for working your luck without putting any real money on the line.  Most of the free slot apps on IOS or Andriod let you play for virtual currency, which has no value in the real world or possibly can be traded in for discounts at stores. The bottom line is you're not risking any real money.

Have Fun with Different Casinos' Online Slots

If you are starting to get bored with your free slots apps, don't worry. There are thousands of different types of slots. Each casino around the world usually has their signature brand of slots, and a lot of them are generally available in some mobile form. These free mobile games often come with a bunch of different bonuses where you can win vouchers at your favorite casino or maybe a free meal. Like the free slots apps, playing these casino slot apps is a great way to play slots without risking any real money and still have fun while doing it. If you want to start winning real money, depending on the state or country you live in, you can download a virtual casino app. These virtual casino apps will let you earn real money from your living room, so there's no need to go to Las Vegas. Most of the time, they will have a multitude of slot games to play from animal-themed slots to the golden island, so you can pick your favorite slot game.

Change It Up with Fun Themed Slots

One of the great things about slots is the hundreds of themes you can use. Some apps that are available for download let you choose between different themes such as races or 888 slots. Of course, you can play the typical 3reel slots where the goal is to get three matching numbers. The jackpot of 3reeled slots remains the same and usually, the payouts for each matching character are constant. The good thing about this is you will know exactly how much you can win with each roll. However, the consistency can get old and repetitive pretty fast, so you might as well make use of the other main themed slots. Another popular type of slot is the progressive slot machine. Each time the progressive slot rolls a nonwinning combination, the values of every winning increase. Usually, progressive slots have a lower payout rate than other types, but the payout can be much higher. So, if you decided to play progressive slots, be sure to pay attention to the value of the jackpot. One of the newest slots you can play is the muti-payout line.  Multi-line slot apps count matches not just in the horizontal line but diagonally and vertically as well. While the multi-line apps can seem tempting at first, players need to be aware that the payouts are often much smaller than those for three reeled or progressive slots. So even though you are winning more often, you might not be making as much money.

Practice Offline and Perfect the Art of Slots

While technically slots are pure luck, many bettors swear they have beating the house down to a science. So, if you are looking to perfect your technique, look for an app that lets you play slots offline. Playing offline gives you the ability to pick up your phone and start practicing no matter where you are. Hopping on a 7-hour plane ride? No worries, you can still use your favorite slots app. Another one of the benefits of having an offline slot app is battery life.  Since your phone won't have to connect to the Internet to play, you can extend your battery life by a few hours just by downloading an offline slots app.  

Stay in the Know With up to Date Gambling News

After playing slots for so long, you might be wondering what else is happening in the fast-paced world of gambling. Take a break from playing slots and download gambling news apps. This app will help you stay in the know with current events and promotions from your favorite casino.  Most gambling apps will have interesting articles about activities, games, and play happening at locations near you. If you are more of a homebody, then look for news apps that focus on online casino events. Often these online casinos will have special events where you can win real money just by signing in. By reading new articles, you won't just learn about upcoming events, you can read about new techniques to bring your play to the next level. Don't limit yourself either, check out the hundreds of different ways to win money at a casino by playing blackjack, Texas Holdem or Roulette

Now that you are ready to start your search for your new favorite slots apps, keep these five tips in mind and don't forget to look for apps that let you play offline, and win real money.