5 Ways to Enjoy Animal Hunting Games

Enjoy Hunting Anytime & Anywhere

One thing you know as a hunter is that there are times when you want to hunt but you can't. Either it's not hunting season or you're experiencing a round of bad weather. But that doesn't mean that you can't get your hunting in. Simply take out your phone or tablet wherever you are and you can hunt. You won't even need a hunting license. 

Whether you are hunting for deer or elk, or you even want to go for something big and dangerous that you can't get where you live, there are many hunting apps from which to choose. 

One of the best parts about this is they're great even if you aren't a fan of hunting in real life. With these apps, you don't have to worry about blood or having people be upset with you because you're not killing real animals. It's just a fun way to spend some free time on your phone or tablet.

Hunt Big Game Without the Danger

Next, do you love the thrill of hunting big game? Do you want to hunt things like a bear? Of course, there's no doubt how dangerous this type of hunting can be, especially for a mother bear with her cubs. If you are looking for a challenge and a thrill without the danger, the right hunting app can give it to you.

Why stop at bears? Why not hunt other big trophies such as tigers, lions, and even gorillas? If you did this in real life, you would be risking life and limb, and it likely wouldn't be legal. Or, you would have to pay a lot of money to travel to places where these animals live.

With the right hunting app, you don't have to worry about the danger or travel. Simply download it onto your tablet or phone and you'll have the chance to find some truly amazing animals for trophies.

Go Fishing for Big Catches

Furthermore, what if you're not a hunter? What if you prefer to fish instead? The good news is there are a lot of great fishing apps that you can download.  

There are fishing apps that give you a lifelike experience with fish that look so real that you'd swear that you were out on your boat on the ocean or on a lake. These are apps like Ace Fishing: Wild Catch and Fishing Clash. These apps let you catch anything from the smallest fish species to an octopus, stingray, eel, or even a shark. 

If you are looking for a way to earn money, you can even play download fishing apps that let you earn real money. Fishing Blitz - Epic Fishing Game can work on both Apple and Android devices and Fancy Fishing - Idle Fishing Joy works on Android devices. They don't make you rich by any stretch of the imagination, but they can give you a little extra money while having fun.

Travel the World & Go on Safari

In addition, do you dream of going on safari and seeing the world? You don't even have to hunt or travel outside of your home. All you have to do is download an app and you'll be exploring jungles and seeing rare animals and plants.

The best part? You don't even have to hunt regular animals. There are apps like Safari Hunting 4x4 where you will hunt real animals, of course. This app is for Android devices as well as Apple devices. But then there's an app like Dinosaur Safari where you hunt dinosaurs, similar to Jurassic Park. 

Survive in the Wilderness

Finally, what do you know about survival? Do you think you have what it takes to live in the great outdoors if worst came to worst? Why not try your hand at surviving with one of the time management or adventure games? These types of games combine a lot of skills, such as camping, hunting, growing food and other things you have to do in order to survive the wilderness. 

A popular option is the Klondike Adventures app, which is fun and has you do different quests such as clearing areas and planting crops. It has a good story to it and is an enjoyable game for many ages.

If you are looking for an all-around great app that you can enjoy playing for years to come, time management games give you the opportunity to use many skills and make decisions. There are many survival adventure games out there to try, and some can be played offline as well as online. Give a couple of them a try. You're sure to find one you'll love.

Are you ready to go on a safari or maybe catch a great white shark? This can all be done in the safety and comfort of your home without worrying about nasty weather, sharp teeth or danger. 

Explore the apps that we suggest and take a look around. There are great choices even for the most squeamish players and for players of all ages. Show off your hunting, fishing and survival skills and join the millions of other players who have found the joy and fun in hunting and fishing games. You can easily and quickly get hooked on them.