5 Ways Time Tracker Apps Can Improve Your Work Life

Cut Cost With an Employee Time Tracker App

It doesn't matter if you work in fast food, construction, an office, or remote, no one likes the hassle of clocking in and clocking out. What's worse is there's always one employee who forgets to clock out at the end of his or her shift, which means more work for you. Luckily, time tracking has gotten a lot simpler with the invention of smartphones. With the right time tracking app, you can save you or your company hundreds of dollars. Usually, payroll software is quite expensive and comes with hefty monthly fees, but with mobile time tracking apps, the market has been opened to a lot more companies. So if you are tired of fighting with an overpriced and outdated time tracking software that only works from your office computer, start spending some time looking for time tracking apps that work for Android or iOS.

Make Punch In, Punch Out Easier for Remote Employees

Managing payroll is one thing if you have a physical office, but if you are working with remote employees, time entry becomes a whole other monster. Now your employees can't simply punch in on a company computer. If your company isn't using a time tracking app, there are two options; one has employees create their own timesheet, or two have your employee email or text their hours. Both of these options lead to a lot of unnecessary complications and work for you. You have to trust your employees are making good use of their time and not just spending their hours on Google looking at memes.  Fortunately, we live in a time for people who manage remote workers. There are plenty of apps that allow you to track your employees' time and monitor their productivity. Depending on the level of sophistication, you can find an app that sends you all of your employees' time to approve at the end of the month. On the other more involved side, there are apps out there that will record the number of keypresses and mouse clicks along with the time spent on each progress with and a daily memo to your email to make sure everything that needs to get done is getting done. 

Sync a Time Tracker to Your Timesheet

Another hassle of using an updated timesheet is having to transfer everyone's hours for different programs or projects onto one master sheet for payday. Using a time tracker app can help simplify this process by syncing every employee's hours automatically to a master sheet. Along with automatically syncing everyone's hours, a lot of time tracker apps will send you notifications if there are employees getting close to their allotted hours for the week. These notifications can prevent a lot of frustration and miscommunication between you and your employees. Whether you own a small business that operates solely on the web or a large corporation, staying updated on everyone's hours can be difficult. A good time tracker will help guide you throughout the week with an email saying, "Sally has worked 30/35 hours for the week." This warning enables you to stay on budget and avoid any surprise charges at the end of the month.

Make Budgeting a Breeze With Mobile Time Trackers

The last section hinted at another advantage of time tracker apps, simplified budgeting. Not only are some time tracker apps free, or relatively cheap compared to the alternative, some time tracker apps can make budgeting much more manageable. One of the ways time tracker apps can help improve your budgeting is with live expense reports. One quick look at your mobile phone can tell you how many hours have been worked this week, and with the help of a built-in calculator, you know precisely how much you've spent on labor at the end of the week. Not only is the live tracking convenient for budgeting, it's also great for billing. Now you can quickly show your client exactly how many hours he or she is going to be billed for this week. Not only can you show your client how many hours they'll be charged for, but if you are using a time tracker that requires your employees to submit progress reports, you can quickly update your client on the progress of the project with just a glance and a few taps on your phone's screen.

Make Your Life More Manageable with Easy Check-In

The right time tracker app like clockineasy or Simple Time Tracker won't just make your life easier; your employees will love it too. Now they don't have to manually record their hours into a timesheet that can get lost, looked over, or forgotten about. They hit start, enter the project name, and then stop the tracker when they are finished working. Then depending on the app, they can upload documents with their time or write a quick summary on their phone of the work they have completed. Not only is it more convenient, but a mobile time tracker that automatically logs time makes sure that your employees, biweekly or monthly paychecks are accurate, which can help end the debate about a lost hour. Another helpful feature is the time tracking apps' ability to export the weekly expenses to Excel, QuickBooks or whatever other budgeting software you use, which can help budgeting and hour counting process.

Now that you have five reasons why you should be using a time tracker app, keep scrolling below for a list of great time tracking apps that will make your life much easier.