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5 Tips to Pick the Shoe Shopping App Just Right for You

5 Tips to Pick the Shoe Shopping App Just Right for You

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Keeping your style fresh and clean and staying up-to-date on current trends is important if you want to make sure your shoe game is going strong. And, when it comes to shopping for shoes, there are a lot of apps you can choose to make the experience easier and more enjoyable - but how to decide? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 things you should consider to make finding your perfect shoe shopping app a breeze!

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Table of Contents

  1. Save money with shoe sales
  2. Save time by buying shoes online
  3. Find shoes from popular brands & retailers you can trust
  4. Locate shoe stores near you for convenience
  5. Find all of your family’s sizes without any hassle

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Save money with shoe sales

Saving money on the things you love can be incredibly rewarding, and saving money on the things you need - well, that’s about as good as it gets! If you want to save a few extra bucks but still make your wardrobe appear new and on-trend, then you’ll want to find an app that offers shoe sales, promotions, and clearance on a regular basis.

Want cheap shoes but love shopping higher end brands? You’ll want a shoe shopping app that offers coupons and deals on name brands so you can keep your style fresh without breaking the bank. Whatever season you’re shopping for, whether it’s sneakers or boots, mens or womens, get everything you need at discounted prices.

You may also want an app that lets you shop your favorite retail stores like DSW and Macy’s. Save even more money by choosing an app that alerts you when your favorite store is having a shoe sale, in store or online. This way, you can save money while still supporting your favorite stores and brands. 

Save time by buying shoes online

Not everyone has time to hit the mall the moment they need new shoes. Online shopping has made buying the things we need on a daily basis easier than ever before - and this includes shoe shopping. Popular shoe sites are popping up all the time, and it can be difficult to navigate the inventory and deals with so many websites available.

However, buying shoes online can be tough if you’re not sure what size is going to fit you. If you love the idea of online shopping convenience but aren’t sure about how well the shoes are going to fit, then you will want to find an app that offers a wide assortment of shoes you can buy at the push of a button, but also has a good return policy so you can send them back if they don’t work.

Interested in keeping up with the latest shoe trends? You might prefer an app that frequently updates its inventory with new styles so you can quickly make purchases to stay ahead of the newest looks.

Everyone has their favorite clothing brands they just can’t live without, and when it comes to shoe shopping, the love of brands is no different. If you find yourself constantly on the hunt for the latest shoe releases by your favorite brands, then you’ll want an app that lets you shop by big names like Nike and Sorel.

More interested in popular retailers like Famous Footwear, Zappos, Amazon, 6pm, Macys, ShoeDazzle, Haig Shoes, Nordstrom Rack, or Shoes.com? You’ll want to find an app that allows you to shop inventory from your favorite shoe store, or one that compiles styles of shoes from a variety of different stores all in one place.

If you’re less interested in name brands and more interested in shoe styles, then you’ll want to choose an app that lets you browse shoes in your size and a variety of styles like sneakers, tennis shoes, heels, boots, and booties.

Looking for both mens and womens shoes? You may want to select an app that offers shoes for both men and women, and that has a large quantity of sizing options available to ensure you always get the shoes you want most. And, for those people whose feet fall in between sizes, you may want an app that lists reviews for each shoe style so you can verify the size that will fit you best.

Locate shoe stores near you for convenience

Okay, so maybe shoe shopping online isn’t for you and you prefer to buy shoes in-store. If you like the more tactile feel of shopping in a physical store, then you’ll want a shoe shopping app that helps you find shoe stores in your area.

If you’re someone who hates wasting your time on trying shoes on over and over again to find the one you like the most, you may want an app that lets you select the styles you prefer online and then find them in stores near you. This way, all you have to do is walk in the store and make your purchase; no time wasted whatsoever.

Popular retailers like DSW and Famous Footwear also have apps to help you find the shoes you love sold at retailers you can trust. So, if you’re picky about who you give your business to, you may want a shoe shopping app that lets you determine what stores you see the inventory for before you ever step foot inside.

Find all of your family’s sizes without any hassle

Shopping for everyone in the family at one shoe store can be tough and it can feel impossible. Shopping for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, and baby can mean searching through a wide variety of styles and sizes hoping to find the perfect fit.

If your desire is to buy just mens or womens shoes, then you might prefer an app that only offers styles and sizes in these categories. Whether you’re a size 9, a size 12, or something else entirely, an app with a filter can help you eliminate the shoes you know won’t fit to narrow down the scope of what you really want.

Filters can also be useful to get rid of other shoe categories that do not interest you. For example, a woman looking for an evening heel in size 8 doesn’t need to see mens shoes, boots, or kids shoes.

Kids shoes can also be tough because not every retailer offers children’s sizes. If kids shoes are what you’re after, you may prefer an app that offers only shoes for kids so you can shop for your children without having to worry about whether the shoe you’re looking at is meant for kids or adults. Additionally, there won’t be any confusion about sizing because all of the shoes will be in children’s sizes.

On the other hand, if you prefer getting all of your shoe shopping done in one place, then you’ll want an app that offers shoe and sizing options for the whole family. Need shoes with special features like a wide width or high arch? You may want an app that lets you customize your sizing and fit in order to match all of your shoe needs.

So now you know a little bit more about the things you should consider before picking the shoe shopping app that’s right for you. Ready to get shopping? Check out our Best 10 Shoes Shopping Apps to get started today!


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