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5 Tips to Pick the Most Amazing App Icon Pack

5 Tips to Pick the Most Amazing App Icon Pack

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After a while, the look of your phone screen can become a tad dull, and there's nothing better to refresh it than a new icon pack. With literally thousands to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed. With our insider tips, you will be able to get exactly what you want in a matter of minutes.

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Table of Contents

  1. Choose a Sleek Minimalist Look
  2. Enter the World of Nature & Science
  3. Rely on Icons of Popular Culture
  4. Find Something Fun for the Kids
  5. Make Sure It Works on All Devices

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Choose a Sleek Minimalist Look

People spend more time on their phones than they'd like to admit, and it is no wonder that this is so. These little gadgets connect us with all our friends and give us access to just about any piece of human knowledge in existence. There are also games. As a consequence of this, we look at the little icons on our phones daily. At some point, they may start to appear pretty generic and a bit dull. Luckily, you can easily change them. You just have to find the right icon pack for you.

Today, the minimalist look is all the rage - in the design of web content, interiors, as well as cars. You too may gravitate towards such a look. It is familiar, free from clutter, unobtrusively beautiful, and has a timeless appeal that will immediately transform your phone's screen into a more aesthetically pleasing whole. Simple and easy on the eyes, it can also inject a dose of elegance into your daily browsing.

Still, it is important to remember that such additions can easily eat up a lot of your phone's memory. Wallpapers, widgets, icons, photos, videos, and an app or two are enough to clog things up. When downloading your next icon pack, remember to check the size of the files involved, just so you can avoid such a scenario.

Enter the World of Nature & Science

If a minimalist look sounds like it lacks character, and you wish for something more ostentatious, you can always take a completely different approach and deck your phone with some pretty impressive imagery. Pictures taken from or inspired by nature are particularly popular and, no matter how small the icons are, they can still feature images from the depths of the sea or even fantastical landscapes. A beautiful wild animal from the zoo may also appear, as well as some of your favorite flowers.

Science has been equally inspiring for icon pack creators. In fact, many of them have incorporated design drawn from the realm of single-cell organisms, the intricate patterns of chemical structures, as well as some more impressive feats of engineering like robots and space shuttles.

Landmarks and famous locations may also feature prominently in some packs. These can serve as a little memento of some of the favorite spots you've visited, or as inspiration for your next holiday. You can easily choose between European landmarks, timeless monuments of Ancient Egypt, or the wonders of modern design from the futuristic cityscapes of China.

Of course, you may turn your search for the perfect icon pack in a completely different direction and, instead of nature and science, devote your attention to something a bit more light-hearted. Movies - be they comedy, drama, or horror - have inspired countless sets and are sure to provide you with plenty of choices. Today, most big blockbusters will have their own themed packs the minute they are released onto the global market.

Popular TV shows can be equally well represented, with Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, The Office, and more than a few others topping the list. Just be sure that the set does not breach any commercial copyright laws or your favorite icons may disappear with the next operative system update.

Music is another theme you can go for. You should be able to find packs devoted to classical music, hip hop, or even individual performers and bands. Sports are perhaps even more popular, with almost countless options available. You can use pictures of your favorite football players as icons, employ a monster truck-themed pack, or even get a set with a more than obvious hint at ice hockey or polo.

Find Something Fun for the Kids

We all know that kids often spend as much time on their tablets as their parents do on their phones. There is no denying that this is a global phenomenon. Little ones are often more tech-savvy than their elders. As long as they still get enough exercise and form friendships with their peers, there is no harm in them playing a game or two. You can also get them an icon pack for their device which will be in tune with their age.

There will be nothing easier than finding a set devoted to their favorite cartoons. Everything from old Disney classics to the greatest hits of today like Steven Universe will be at your fingertips. This will give the phone or tablet a cute aesthetic and make it reflect your child's favorite forms of entertainment.

Another thing to consider is the size of the icons. By this, we don't mean how much the ZIP file is in megabytes, but how much space each individual item will take up on the screen. With tiny gadgets, every pixel is at a premium. However, you should definitely consider the fact that some smaller children may still have a bit of trouble navigating a touchscreen. Larger or adjustable icons are thus a much better choice.

Make Sure It Works on All Devices

Speaking of pixels, it may also be good to remember that your device's screen is likely to have a set resolution you won't be able to do much about (other than buying a new gadget, of course). In these circumstances, you will also need to try out a few icon packs for size before determining which ones will fit the most comfortably onto your phone or tablet.

It may also be worth mentioning that changing icons or indeed adjusting any part of the system is more of an Android thing. Its vector mechanics are simply better suited for this. An iPhone or an iPad will be somewhat more rigid and finding something that will work on these machines may prove a bit of a challenge. Still, that does not mean that you should give up. There is still plenty to discover.

Last but not least, it is good to pay attention to each pack's compatibility with your operative system. When was the last time you updated it? If the answer is "I honestly have no clue", you may find yourself unable to open certain sets. Some may prove incompatible, not because of the technical characteristics of your phone, but because of software updates (or lack thereof). It may seem like a minor thing but is well worth looking into. It will help you remove all obstacles, and easily find and download the best pack for your mobile phone.

Once you have considered our 5 Tips to Pick the Most Amazing App Icon Pack, you can visit the Best 10 Apps for Customizing App Icons and pick with perfect confidence.

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    Change app icons, themes and wallpapers for your home screen
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    A dark pastel icon pack with a modern tone! Plus its free! Try it!
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    A Colorful and Minimal icon pack in an Outline Style - Over 8200 icons!
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    Lines is a flat, modern, and minimalist icon pack made out of clean outlines.
    4.0 Ratings 19K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
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    Delta is a minimalistic pastel Icon Pack for many Android Launchers available.
    4.5 Ratings 10K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
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    Linear icons filled with Pastel colors
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    Animated app icons, icon packs, useful launcher settings, exclusive wallpapers
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    Stunningly Different look with Line Icons and Neon Colors
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    The definitive Icon pack maker and editor
    4.2 Ratings 9K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
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  • 10
    Whicons is a minimalistic and clean white theme icon pack.
    4.5 Ratings 33K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
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