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5 Tips to Pick the Best Video Player App

5 Tips to Pick the Best Video Player App

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You have a potentially endless source of entertainment in your pocket. Your smartphone is your mini cinema but picking the right video player for your device can often prove to be a daunting task. Check out which criteria you should apply to pick the best media player for you.

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  1. Find an easy to use app to avoid complicated features
  2. Choose free content & save your hard-earned money
  3. Pick a universal video player that supports all formats
  4. Get an offline player to watch your movies anywhere
  5. Select an app that works on mobile and PC to sync devices

Our days are filled with holes in our schedule that are too tiny to do anything useful with yet too big to let them go to waste. Instead of allowing this time to pass in boredom, just about everyone will look to entertain themselves. Luckily, today, most have a small, portable cinema in their pockets. Watching videos is a great way to kill time and keep yourself amused. Still, not everything is as straightforward as it seems. Sometimes, choosing the right video player for your device can be a challenge.

The first criterion you need to apply is to know how simple or complex you wish the app to be. Passionate film aficionados will want it with all the bells and whistles. For more casual users, however, a simple media player will suffice. A perfectly straightforward, sleek layout will do the trick and allow for maximum comfort and viewing pleasure.

If you feel overwhelmed by too many options you will never use, by all means, download a video player for Android or iOS with as few mysterious buttons as possible. You wouldn't want to have strange options cluttering your already limited viewing space anyway.

Consequently, window-shopping for apps can sometimes turn into literal shopping. Not all of them are free and the higher your standards are, the more you are likely to pay. If you are looking for a truly premium video player, be prepared to spend anywhere between $2 and $12 for a smooth, ad-free viewing experience.

If, on the other hand, keeping your budget in check is your main priority, by all means, opt for a free download. Saving up for college or a new car is a massive undertaking and every penny counts. There are plenty of free apps available and at least one will fit the bill. You might need to test a few before you decide as many free options will also have a tendency to plague you with annoying ads. Read a review or two and also see if the app will allow you to stream from your favorite platforms.

There is one more thing to be said about the paid service. Often, the benefits will go well beyond merely getting rid of marketing content and will actually include a number of advanced options. A genuinely good video player will even allow you to edit your files and tweak certain effects so that the contrast is better or the ragged subtitles are more legible.

Although our smartphones have been able to play video for more than 10 years, to this day, they are still set back by one major issue - the sheer multitude of different formats out there. DIVX, FLV, and AVI are just a few of the more common ones but things can get pretty arcane really quickly and you can end up with a file that you have no clue what to do with. If this has happened to you on more than one occasion, be sure to look for an app that supports as many different formats as possible. Of course, none will support all formats but some will come pretty close.

If you often like to watch streamed content, you will want to make sure that your app can support whichever protocol is needed for your favorite streaming service. Some of these will have their own players while others will simply give you an odd-looking link and expect you to do the rest. Be prepared.

Often, you will prefer the look and feel of a specific player. If you end up with a file format that simply won't work, no matter what you do, your best bet is to download a video converter and solve this issue in a matter of minutes. Switch from FLV to MPEG in a jiffy, cut and crop everything like a pro, and watch your content stress-free.

Today, many jobs will require you to travel around the country or even abroad for business. If you find yourself employed in such a line of work, you will quickly learn that not every place on Earth has equally good network coverage. In fact, quite a few will have practically none. In such circumstances, it will be next to impossible to watch any streaming services, and you will have to settle for whatever is stored on your smartphone or tablet. This is why it is important to have a video player that is able to function offline.

There is another reason you might want to consider a media platform that will play your film when there is no wifi or mobile network coverage around - namely that of cash. On most cell phone plans, data tends to be the most expensive part of the contract and using up 2 GB of it on streaming a movie is a move you are likely to regret. Always make sure that you download your video files before a long journey, have an offline player on your device, and you won't need to worry about a thing.

Meanwhile, connecting two devices belonging to the iOS ecosystem is usually an easy feat. There's nothing more straightforward than hooking up two Apple products, editing files and mixing audio and video. Things, however, tend to get problematic once you move to different tech territories.

Watching your favorite show on a tiny smartphone can really diminish the experience, especially if you like a big, epic story. Streaming the video onto your 30-inch TV screen seems like an obvious move. The only thing you need to consider is whether your current video player supports this sync. So, do some research before you settle for one app and make sure it will support all devices.

Connecting your smartphone to your computer can prove even more challenging. The trick is to find an app that also exists in form of a stand-alone program - for PC or another platform, working on 32 or 64 bit, Windows 7 or 10 (or perhaps Linux). This way, the connection between the devices will be a lot smoother and you will be able to watch your content - wherever, whenever.

These 5 Tips to Pick the Best Video Player App should prove a solid foundation for your further research. You are bound to choose something great from our list of Best 10 Video Player Apps.

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