5 Tips to Pick the Best TOEFL Test Prep App

Pick an Easy App to Get Started

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is next to impossible to imagine international business, diplomacy or higher learning without it. Test of English as a Foreign Language (also known as TOEFL) is one way in which the knowledge of the idiom is measured and graded across the globe. It's a standardized test that most major educational institutions accept as confirmation that you are, indeed, fully fluent. In order to pass with flying colors, you have to study hard. Using apps - in addition to other materials like spreadsheets and pdf textbooks - is a great way to speed up your progress. Choosing the right piece of software, however, can be tricky.

So if you are just starting to prepare for the test, the best route to take is to pick an app that is easy to use. Too many programs today will burden the user with an endless array of peculiar options that no one will ever need. Find something that is simple and effective and you won't go wrong.

You'd be surprised how important the visual design is, especially if you're trying to get everything done in time. A sleek layout and straightforward options can make all the difference while you practice. Keep it simple.

Find Free Software to Spend Less

Since TOEFL is primarily geared toward college students, it is safe to assume that not everyone will have a lot of money to spend on preparing for it. Accommodation, tuitions, and loans will be a burden on just about any future academic or professional. This is why it is important to save and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Luckily, apps are not something you have to waste a fortune on. If you are looking to save every penny, you can easily download a free piece of software and have it work just as well as a paid version would.

Speaking of the latter, it is impossible to neglect some of the advantages that premium apps can offer. If you have a bit of spare cash and would like to treat yourself to a truly exceptional learning experience, investing in one such program could be a good decision to make. Numerous sample questions and answers, games, added features, and even an option to find a tutor near you will often be contained within the software. Spending just a couple of dollars could make the process a lot easier.

Focus on Reading & Writing to Ace the Test

All major language tests are made up of several segments. TOEFL is no exception. It focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening to make sure that the student has mastered all aspects of English. Depending on which piece of the puzzle you're having the most trouble with, you will want to find an app that focuses on it.

With that being said, for many, reading will be a struggle. There is no shame in admitting this. If you are looking to improve this part of your knowledge, seek a piece of software that will present you with increasingly difficult tasks hand-picked to improve your skills. Don't forget to read a review or two and see what the other users are saying. If many of them claim that the articles are particularly enjoyable, don't miss a chance to try the app out. Learning, after all, does not have to mean suffering. You can always have some fun.

Also, writing is another segment that can present itself as a massive stumbling block. This will be particularly true if your vocabulary is limited. Finding a great dictionary app can help you master some more advanced terms in a matter of weeks.

Practice Speaking & Listening for Full Fluency

Perhaps the ultimate test of any student's knowledge is their ability to speak in their target language. This does not come easy for everyone. It takes time. Still, just like any other skill, speaking English can be mastered with diligent practice and a few shortcuts scattered along the way. Finding an app that will let you exercise this particular muscle could speed up your learning quite a bit.

The same goes for software focused on improving your listening abilities. Retaining what is being spoken is, after all, extremely important for clear communication in any language. By listening to audio samples or watching videos - and then filling out tests that measure your ability to recall details - can help you prepare for your TOEFL.

In fact, both speaking and listening can be improved tremendously through language exchange. It's also a great way to make new friends. Simply pick an app that has this option built-in and connect with interesting conversation partners from across the globe regardless of whether your first language is Spanish, Chinese or Russian. Help them master your idiom and, in return, they will give you a hand in becoming perfectly fluent in English.

Choose a Universal App to Study Anywhere

Learning English as a second language takes time and practice. You will need to grab every chance you can get to review what you've mastered so far and push yourself to memorize a few more words each and every day. Hauling all your books around won't always be an option. Keeping all your learning material on a single device won't work either. You'll simply have to sync across more platforms.

Luckily, certain pieces of software will allow you to connect between devices and have access to all your texts, audio and video files - no matter where you are. This will almost always be true of apps, at least. Excellent communication between smartphones and tablets - both Android and iPhone devices - will be the norm.

Finding TOEFL software that will also be suitable for PC or Mac will, however, be a bit more challenging. Still, if you do manage to find such an app, you will be able to access a much larger database and truly have everything you can possibly need - when at home, in the library, or when traveling halfway across the globe. It will help you take your preparation to the next level and get the best results in no time.

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