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5 Tips to Pick the Best Soccer App Right Now

5 Tips to Pick the Best Soccer App Right Now

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Arguably the most popular sport in the world, soccer is in the hearts of millions of fans. If you too are one of them, check out the 5 tips to take your love for it to the next level and chose the right soccer app for you.

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  1. Browse sports channels & stay updated on soccer
  2. Never miss a moment of the action with access to live scores
  3. Get informed about soccer leagues & keep up with all players
  4. Learn the basics of soccer to become a true, educated fan
  5. Shop soccer equipment & get the gear you need right away

If you want to stay up-to-date with soccer on channels you know and love, then you'll want to find an app that offers updates from popular networks like ESPN, ESPN Football, ESPNFC Global, Fox Soccer TV, MSN Sports, CBS, CBS Sports etc. or even YouTube. Whichever you choose - your smartphone will be your best friend, delivering soccer highlights in an instant.

Watching soccer on TV has never been easier as you can now connect all your favourite streams and videos - app-to-television - in an instant. If you want this to be a stress-free experience and watch soccer live asap, you will want to look for an app than is fast, reliable, maintains a connection throughout the duration of the game and will provide excellent quality transmission.

Of course, specialised soccer apps will offer you a chance to follow specific leagues. If, for example, you are a great fan of the Premier League, you will an app that allows you to receive updates in real time on all the scores and performances of each team - the minute the ball hits the ground.

If you like soccer but want a more interactive way to get all your news and updates, you may prefer an app that offers trivia games to help you boost your knowledge and keep the data fresh.

Like to bet on your favourite teams? You'll want an app that has the most up-to-date facts and stats so you can best predict how next week's game will turn out. Who knows - you may even end up winning some cash!

Soccer games can provide an incredible dose of excitement. The more you know about the way they are played, the more you will enjoy them. If you are interested in international soccer, women's soccer or even your local small league - you should opt for an app that allows you to follow live scores and standings, schedule times when you wish to watch your favourite teams play.

If you want to watch a game live, you'll want an app that offers live streaming for games played by your favourite teams. Streaming has come a long way and often you may even be able to choose the language the commentary is delivered in, the system in which the distances and angles are measured (metric or imperial), and keep a systematised data on all the scores you are interested in.

If you are a true fan, if you wish to have all the information at your fingertips, in real time, this is a true golden age that we are living. And with all the updates, the apps you use will keep getting better and better.

Of course, most soccer fans don't focus exclusively on their national team at the expense of all others. Instead, the true aficionado will possess a knowledge of at least a couple of leagues and have favourite teams from outside of their own country. If you too desire to expand your horizons and enjoy the World Cup, FIFA, the Premier League or the Brazilian League (the last perhaps the most exciting in the world!), you will want to pick an app that focuses on that specific tournament.

If you wish to follow each goal, each score, each final result - no matter where you are and no matter where the game is taking place - make sure to choose an app that provides all the latest scores in real time. Locations as far flung from each other as Australia, Canada, the UAE and China will be at your fingertips, with all the unique playing styles they bring to the field. If you are a true fan, you will appreciate this wealth of diversity.

Having a true passion for soccer is probably what has lead you to these pages. If you wish to learn more and become a veritable living Wikipedia on the topic, you'll need an app that provides a lot of verified information on the rules of soccer today.

First, however, you will need to decide how much you already know. Are you totally new to the game of soccer? Then you’ll want an app with beginner-friendly descriptions of the rules and team positions. For those who consider themselves experienced soccer fans and just need a refresher - you may want an app that gives detailed information about the sport, including player and team stats, rankings etc. - so you can quickly catch up on what you’ve missed.

Knowing all the facts, however, is only a small segment of the fun. By watching players out in the field, you will get an even deeper understanding of true meaning of soccer and the adrenaline rush it can bring you.

Do you wish to get your soccer cleats on and play too? Or would you simply prefer to watch the game and wear your favourite team's jersey just to show your support? Whichever option you choose, you will want to find an app that offers the soccer gear you know and love.

Even if there is not a single soccer store near you, you can still shop for an authentic leather soccer ball, browse all the new jerseys in the mens section, and get everything you need online. Socks, gloves, cleats, shin guards, indoor soccer equipment - even scarves, hats and shirts in all the right colors to show your undying support for your favourite team - are all within reach. Be sure to remember that, if you want all the most authentic gear, you will want an app that lets you shop different styles and brands.

Large selections, good quality, secure payments through your smartphone, and quick (and often free!) delivery can all be at your fingertips. If you want gear from a particular store, look for an app that carries that stores items.

With our 5 tips to pick the best soccer app, you will be able to join the legion of fans around the world and truly feel the excitement of the game. Check out our Best 10 Soccer Apps to get the ball rolling!

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