5 Tips to Pick the Best Picross Puzzle Game App

Find a Beginners App to Learn the Rules

Today's people are perhaps busier than ever but also seem to have more micro-gaps of free time than any generation before them. This explains the popularity of puzzles and other logic games which are ideal to fill the bits and pieces of freedom scattered throughout the day. Picross seems to be a particular favorite and its perfect combination of visual inventiveness and math-like precision makes it grow in popularity with each passing day.

Now, if you wish to enter the world of nonograms (as picross puzzles are also known), you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the number of apps available. It is best to start at the beginning. If you're a novice in the world of picross, be sure to select an app that is true to the genre and comes with as few bells and whistles as possible. A simple, easy to understand software will do you more favors than you can imagine.

In case you still find yourself struggling, perhaps you will be best advised to download an app that contains a tutorial or even an automatic nonogram solver. Such features will gently guide you through the process and give you all the answers that you possibly need. Players of sudoku will be particularly surprised by how similar yet also very different the games truly are.

Use Advanced Games to Flex Your Picross Muscle

After you've mastered the basics, you will most likely wish to advance to the next level and try your skill on more difficult games. This is when reading the reviews comes in handy. Choosing the right app for your level of experience will become a lot easier if you pay attention to what other users are saying. You will be able to form a clear image of the game's difficulty and select the right one for you.

However, the number of colors involved, in particular, will make all the difference. Note that picross is traditionally a black-and-white game. Including color is one of the more recent ideas. If you want to plunge into this world, be sure to opt for an app that also offers advanced tips and a built-in puzzle solver so as to avoid initial confusion.

In recent years, nonograms have crossed over from being a 2D affair into the world of the third dimension. This sets them apart from other picture puzzle games and is an aspect well worth exploring. Learning how to play picross 3D may take some time but is well worth the effort.

Opt for Free Software to Save Money

Picross puzzles are extremely fun to play but not everyone wishes to spend their hard-earned cash on a nonogram app. If you find yourself saving for a more important purchase, every penny will count. Luckily, free picross apps are more than abundant and you will be able to find one to fit your needs very easily.

They do, however, come with one major drawback. Annoying ads are likely to pop up during your play, quickly turning into a source of annoyance. Freemium apps are a great solution to this problem. They offer you an opportunity to play free of charge, but if the obtrusive marketing starts getting on your nerves, you can always opt to pay a small fee and get rid of ads for good.

There is something to be said for paid service. In the case of nonogram apps, it will make the play a lot smoother and will often include a state-of-the-art picross generator as well as a puzzle solver. If you do decide to spend a dollar or two on your game, you can rest assured that you will be able to paint by numbers on a much higher level.

Look for an Online App to Share the Fun with Friends

Playing with multi colored nonograms does not have to be a solitary affair. Today, games don't isolate people but are, instead, more likely to bring them together. A good picross puzzle is no exception. Just pick an app that allows for a multiplayer option and you will be able to test your skills against your closest friends. Choosing software that works both on Android and iOS devices could make this a lot easier.

In case all of your friends are more into other kinds of logic puzzle games and won't bother with playing picross online, you can always join an international community and have fun with total strangers. If you manage to find an app with a good chat option built-in, you can meet some fresh new faces and have loads of fun in the process.

Furthermore, another route that you may consider is joining a team and going against other groups of enthusiasts in an attempt to prove your skills in playing picross online. Such apps, however, tend to be rare, so you will need to put in an extra bit of effort to find one.

Join a Tournament to Win Great Prizes

Picross is a type of Japanese puzzle that keeps reinventing itself and you never know what new options the games in this genre will offer in the future. If you're a competitive sort of person, you might be on the right track with this one. Several apps present you with an opportunity to compete. A small tournament that is free to enter will most likely not offer any cash prizes but you will still be able to snatch a virtual trophy and know that you've made it to the top. Paint it black (or any other color) and show them who's the best at picross 3D.

Just like a high profile Rubik's cube tournament, competitions centered around nonogram games can also offer big prizes and allow you to win actual money. They are few and far between but finding an app that lets you compete for cash could be a neat way to have fun and make some money on the side. 

After reading through our 5 Tips to Pick the Best Picross Puzzle Game App, you can rest assured that you will find your new favorite game among our Best 10 Picross Puzzle Games.